This Is Mercy By: Emma Elsasser

Note written by a Mercy girl on the bathroom mirror

Mercy girls love supporting and uplifting each other every day. One gesture the girls love to do is hanging anonymous notes in the bathrooms or around the school to brighten one another’s day.

Wall of pictures hanging in Sister Jeanne’s tea room

One of the most exciting traditions at Mercy is getting to experience “tea time” with Mercy’s cutest member, Sister Jeanne. Sister Jeanne is a Sister of Mercy and lives up to Catherine McAuley’s words of having a comfortable cup of tea. She invites every freshman and upper class woman to have a cup of tea with her while enjoying stories, lovely advice and homemade cookies.

New quotes around the school are being praised

Newest additions to the school’s decoration include quotes being spread out through the halls representing each subject. At the end of the hallway on second floor stands this quote from Catherine McAuley. These quotes give our school personality and add excitement.

“Oh the places you’ll go...” -Dr. Seuss

As the end of a Mercy girl’s time here concludes they will have to prepare for the next step. Across the hallway from the counselors offices is the college room. This room hosts college visits and talks about the future. The most comforting corner of the room has a quote from Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh The Places You’ll Go”, while having the different flags from multiple colleges hang from the walls.

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