Jose Carvey Project

This is the design I decided to carve. It's the smash ball from a game called Super Smash Bros. I decided to change the design a bit by giving it a fire design because the original is pretty bland.

I then decided to move the drawing in into photoshop by airdropping it to my computer.

I used some of the tools in photoshop such as the brush, magic wand, move tool, zoom tool, and eraser. I moved the design to photoshop because I needed the shaded area to be a solid color so that the carvey can make the design. I also moved it to photoshop because I had to clean up the area in the middle of the design and some of the edges near the top right.

After editing the design in photoshop, I moved the design to easel inventables. In easel inventables, I was able to get an idea of how my project would look like. I changed the dimensions to 6in by 6in and the depth to .25in so that my design will fit on the tile. I also changed my design a bit in easel inventables so that it will fit on the tile perfectly.

Before I was able to carve I had to set up the carvey machine. I selected a white on black tile but in this photo another student used a black on yellow tile. I positioned the pegs to hold down the tile so that it won't move in the carvey machine. After setting up the machine I was ready to start carving.

Here is a timelapse of my project in the carving machine. After setting up the machine I was ready to carve, in easel inventables I hit simulate to see how long it would take and the project took about 20 min to carve. I used Mrs. Kushner's phone to take the timelapse of my carvey.

After waiting and watching my project carve for 20 min, it finally finished. There was a lot of dust and small pieces all over the tile so I had to clean them out. After cleaning up my tile for about 2 min, it was finally finished.

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