Hi my name is Evan and I have no parents so I live on my own I like to listen to THE DANK RAP MUSIC and I like to wrestle my mom and dad died when I was 1. evan got a job at rain drop sporting goods he makes 50 dollars and hour

When evan was working at rain drop sporting goods and he stated to precipitate to his boss coach gillingham. said your fired .so Evan said ok and when Evan was falling he met this girl named Ching Chong and they started to date and the r gf and bf they started to live in a dirt apartment .but 1 day when they where cooking dinner there. house cought on fire so they had. to live on the streets so 1 day he got 2 million rain bucks and they bought a nice house in the hills up Hollywood

When me and Ching where sleeping we started to evaporate and we whent to the clouds and when evan got up there he saw mr gillinghams car so he egg it and he ran away mr g saw the egg so he said who ever did this i will punch in the thought

K evan said and off they went they went and stayed at Evans moms house Evans mom haven't seen him in 2 years and she did not no that he was coming to see her when he walked in she gave him a big hug and said i missed you some much so after they ate dinner mom said good night son love you and evan said love you to. Two days later they left mom and fell tru the clouds and landed in the ocean evan said well i guess we will be here for a while

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