St. Joseph Neighborhood Cleanup Join us on Saturday, April 8th 2017, at 9am @ 10th & Alabama

According to our ranking members, this is the 37th Annual St. Joseph Historic District Neighborhood Cleanup. This is meant to be a collaborative event to meet your neighbors and help put our neighborhood at its best. We work with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) in order to have the resources to pick up what we gather & bag.

What: Neighborhood Cleanup - All are welcome to join for any amount of time

Where: Meet at the Northwest Corner of 10th & Alabama. See our Trash Pickup Locations below

When: 9AM on Saturday, April 8th

How: Bags & Equipment are critical. We have received bags from both KIB and a donation of 80 bags from H.V.A.F (Thanks, Fred!). Any further donations of bags would be greatly appreciated. In the past we have seen bags breaking due to weight. As far as the equipment - trash pickers, brooms, shovels are needed. We ask that you bring your own to use if possible.

Why: Our Neighborhood gets a lot of traffic, let's face it. The underpasses naturally accumulate trash. Our Neighborhood also has a lot of green space in our setbacks that also accumulates trash. You have certainly walked past trash near the sidewalks, this is our chance to give the Neighborhood a fresh start for Spring.

Teamwork: We generally divide into teams depending on the amount of volunteers and assign areas. It would be best to assign teams to a particular region, or roving from North to South / East to West.

Trash Bag Pickup Locations: The goal is to make our gathered trash extremely identifiable to the Trash Trucks that will be following our cleanup in the afternoon. The Trucks will not be scavenging each alleyway looking for spare trash bags, so we need predefined pickup locations.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful has coordinated a Trash Truck to come through our neighborhood in the afternoon, after the Cleanup. We have selected locations and provided these Trash Pickup Locations to KIB.

The link should open in your mobile device's browser because it's a Custom Google Map linked to my Google Docs. In any case, here's a summary graphic:

[Please note that each location is an intersection. No particular corner is required, but please make it easily identifiable for the Trash Truck.]

Special Note on Underpasses: The underpasses at 10th & I-70/I-65 and Central & I-70/I-65 need to be cleaned and we know it. In the past, we have had concerns because a significant and disproportionate amount of resources were required to clean these underpasses. Therefore, we will announce a plan to propose these be cleaned on a quarterly basis going forward. We do not intend to clean the underpasses on April 8th.

Can't Make It? - No problem. We ask if you could then take some time and cleanup around your own property when you can. Also please consider donating a few trash bags.

Comments, Questions, Concerns? Email Pete Haupers @

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