Control Jody's persPective of having the power to control janie.

In the story Hicks said, "he's uh man dat changes everything, but nothin don't change him". (49). The quote explains that Jody thinks he can do whatever he wants and he can alter anything he wants because of how demanding he is. Joe is so controlling that even other people are noticing, including hicks. It is shown throughout chapter five.

Again, Hicks stated "Maybe he make her do it. Maybe he steered some de rest of us men's might touch it round dat store"(50). This shows that Joe is being so controlling that other men are even noticing. Hicks stated that maybe he makes her do it. This is saying that Hicks, and maybe other men see their relationship as Jody controlling Janie.

Jody said, "You don't believe me duh ya.? You don't know the women I can get to my command."(36)" Jody is saying that there are plenty of women who would obey his commands without him having to fight so Janie better start listening

Jody said "Ah ain't even started good. Ah told you in de very beginning dat I aimed to be a big voice. You got to be glad because dat makes a women ought of you "(46). This shows that Jody wants Janie to obey his words and commands because Jody claims he knows how to make her a hell of a woman.

Sam Watson said "speaking of winds, he's de wind and we da grass. We bend whichever way he blows"(49). This shows that Jody is a very controlling man. Not only towards Janie but even towards other men and women in the town.

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