Living In The Country The easy life

This is Cyrus Judd, who never drove a car, but rode his horse, weasel, every day. He rode throughout Half Moon and Columbia Falls, selling eggs and visiting the neighbors. Great aunt Cora Judd was his wife. She always had home made treats for us children. They are both gone, just like the easy country living died with them.

The photo below, had been the Goodsell home for about 50 or 60 years. As a young boy, in the early 1960's, I spent many hours here, playing and being with my favorite Grandma. I loved both of my Grandma's dearly.

Clayton LeRoy Goodsell residence until he died in 1996

This little log house was the first building, Grandpa Goodsell built on his property, when he first arrived in the 1940's It still houses the tools he used.

The photo below is two generations of the Smith family. My dear Grandma Smith is in the wheelchair with my Grandpa Smith in the red checked shirt. Just behind Grandma, is my awesome uncle Bob. Further back is my dear old Dad with Linda, his wife, right beside him. Uncle Bob's wife is last. Behind Grandpa Smith, is Aunt Betty with my awesome uncle Leo at her side.

Here I am in the second grade. I am in the bottom row, second one in
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