Singers and Musicians of all Levels Perform at Fall Cabaret Night By Karina Takayama

On Friday night, October 19, students from Patrick Maier’s choir, guitar, and drum classes came together to showcase their talents at Fall Cabaret Night. Singers and musicians performed self-selected songs, and the stage was open to students of any level of experience.

Cabaret Night brings together family and friends of performers, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone to practice being on stage. “We make a community here, for all musicians and all of their parents and their friends,” explained Neel Sinha, a senior from Maier’s choir II class. “It’s more like a showcase than a regular performance, because it brings together so many people that are supportive of each other.”

Songs that students performed spanned across many different genres, including alternative, pop, funk, jazz, country, and rock hits. Performers accompanied each other on different instruments, demonstrating their talents on guitar, bass, piano, and ukulele. Students from Maier’s drum class provided drum beats, laying down a steady rhythm for the song.

This event provides an opportunity for musicians to perform for one another. “I think it’s cool how chill it is,” states Emma Dougherty, a junior from choir II. “In Spring Cabaret you have to audition, but in [Fall Cabaret] anyone can perform, which is really fun because you get to see people that typically wouldn’t be in a stage setting. They just go up on stage and give it their all, which is so freaking cool.”

“It’s like a big choir family full of musicians and singers and everything.” -Emma Dougherty

Several students performed in duets and groups together, forming a friendly, familiar atmosphere. Senior Sean Fabrega and junior Milo Brosamer sang a vocal duet together with Brosamer accompanying the duo on acoustic guitar.

The quartet of seniors George Kraft, Kobe Barker, Rishi Kesavath, and Saarth Bonde, dubbed “The Mainstream Men,” performed “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, complete with vocal solos and four-part harmonies. The Men were accompanied by Arjun Sahni, Matthew Neumann, and Jenna Reed, Max Kaufman, and Megan Chu on guitar. This song remained a crowd favorite throughout the evening.

Cabaret night also provided an opportunity for students to share original songs that they’ve written. Senior Joshua Meyers performed his song “Original” with accompaniment from Neel Sinha on guitar.

Junior Sydney Dempsey performed a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, accompanied by Maier, Neumann, and Jack Kouzoujian on guitar. “It’s important to know that everyone’s at different levels of comfort with singing in front of people, so this is a good opportunity for everyone to get up there,” Dempsey stated, reflecting on her favorite part of cabaret night.

Laura Fesas, Katherine McDonnell, and Aysu Aricanli closed Cabaret Night with their performance of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. The trio sang enthusiastically and hyped up the crowd for the final song of the evening, everyone singing and dancing along.

If you couldn't make this fall’s Cabaret Night, don’t worry- a second cabaret night is held in the spring for those who missed it this semester!

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