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Deconstructed: VentureBeat Contributed Content on MythbustingYou won’t see better contributed content than this piece posted last month on VentureBeat. Written by Gusto CTO and co-founder Eddie Kim, the piece is true thought leadership. It plants the flag and, even better, busts a myth. October 3, 2021

Where Have a Site’s Readers Come From… Where Do They Go? One can learn a lot about a publication by what else its readers read — specifically, where have readers come from when they arrive at a site, and where do they go once they leave? Using raw research provided by Similarweb (June 2020 and June 2021), we looked at a pair of healthcare sites and found surprising relationships. September 23, 2021

Zoom Wiped Out the Whiteboard — It’s Time to Bring it Back - In a Zoom world where it’s all video and words, organizations may wind up missing the good old whiteboard. PR pros surely spent lots of time in conference rooms, sometimes forgetting to check whether those markers were truly dry erase markers — not standard magic markers — before they started scribbling. Whoops! - August 11, 2021

Cracking ‘The Future of Work’ — The Strategic Path - “The Future of Work” affects every industry and every company. Top edit brands swarm for insights and scramble for an edge. So where are all the tech PR victories — the big hits? August 10, 2021

"Of course, no PR pro seeks volatile themes like this. But Tier 1 thinks in implications..."

Cracking ‘The Future of Work’ — The Tactical Path - When “no one knows anything” and chaos reigns, journalists go broad, not deep. Slack discussions heat up. Coverage planning intensifies. Editors are told, literally, to fan out and bring back the context that readers require. August 10, 2021

Quartz, Fortune Excelling at Newsletters - Email newsletters are increasingly important in attracting loyal readers, according to Similarweb data analyzed by SWMS. July 22, 2021

"...the editor/owners raised their newsletter audience by 46.2 percent"

More on Tier 1 Audience Data: We’re Revising The Figures - Tier 1 traffic is dropping, but not as much as we reported last month. It turns out that Similarweb refined its algorithms late last year, impacting SWMS analysis published Jun. 28.Quartz, Fortune Excelling at Newsletters July 22, 2021


Healthcare Tech News - It’s rare to find someone who writes only about healthcare tech products and related news — but this list comes really close. We also chose for how frequently a reporter writes. In the interest of focus, we omitted healthcare security and healthcare funding reporters… October 2021

Digital Twins - Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects. They are in their infancy, which means few reporters — so far — cover them. Nonetheless, we came up with 14 names for you. October 2021

CEO Profiles - Here is our latest and best list of titles and authors known to produce CEO profiles. September 2021

Contributed Content Gatekeepers - The Directory Contributed content is becoming harder than ever to place. Our one-of-a-kind gatekeeper cheat sheet is freshly scrubbed and augmented. It’s the most popular aspect of our website. Enjoy and good luck. This info is subscriber-only. September 2021

B2B Sales Targets - How many journalists cover tools and services for B2B salespeople? Actually quite a few, though overall the audience sizes are small. Here’s a dozen good ‘uns for you. September 2021

Supply Chain Targets - Here’s a list of 13 reporters who cover supply chain, though with little commonality among them. The context is sometimes cybersecurity, other times semiconductors… rarely is it straight enterprise IT/logistics. The good news is, there’s a lot of Tier 1 in here. August 2021

ESG Targets & Awards - ESG targets are all over the map. It’s sort of a Frankenstein beat — governance, investment/fintech, IT, green and on it goes. Here are a dozen names for you, with contact info. We found nine ESG awards programs, none based in the US. Maybe that will change soon. August 2021

Construction Targets - Here’s an even dozen targets who cover the construction industry. Funding news can be found in the widely-read publications. Everything else is low-audience… typical of niche editorial. - August 2021

Careers Targets - Most of the folks on this short list are Tier 1 columnists who focus on workplace advice. There’s a couple of Q&A candidates in there, too. August 2021

Tech for Seniors - Most of the 11 targets write either for low-traffic sites, or sites you’ve barely heard of, or both. August 2021

Channel Reporters for SaaS, Cloud - Here’s a rare cheat sheet on channel reporters, specifically those who cover cloud and SaaS. Other than CRN’s, the audiences are small. Niche is perhaps a better word. August 2021

Technology Events - A subscriber asked for a cheat sheet of industry events. Honestly, we can’t beat these three lists already out there. August 2021

‘Future of Work’ - As part of our deep-dive, we wanted to offer a baker’s dozen’s worth of targets who cover “the future of work”. August 2021

IoT Targets - IoT is still very much a phenomenon — one of those 15-year overnight successes. Strangely, now that the buzz has worn off, much of media manages to ignore this transformational industry segment. Such is the fate of a technology that literally disappears into the woodwork. Here’s our list of 11 go-to’s. July 2021

Future of Food Podcasts - Podcasts are ideal for near-future topics where vanguard products/services are here today if you know where to look, but not anywhere near mainstream. The future of food is definitely one of those topics. Here are nine “future of food” podcasts with all the relevant links and lots of contact info, where available. July 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Guides - This cheat sheet is a bit different: it’s not a spreadsheet, but a list of 18 titles with rich detail on whom to pitch, with contact info. There’s some educated guesswork in there. SWMS contributor Clay Patrick did the digging, and digging, and digging. July 2021

GRC Targets - Editorial interest in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) has grown slowly and steadily in recent years. Here’s a short list — literally — of the few influencers who specialize in this field. July 2021

Storage Management Reporters - Here’s a dozen reporters who cover storage management; check our list against yours. Bear in mind that, according to Similarweb stats, two of the 12 write for sites whose traffic is too small to measure. July 2021

Sports Business Reporters - Using the July 2021 NCAA sponsorship-of-athletes coverage as a proxy, here’s a shortlist of top-tier sports business reporters. Big names, big outlets. July 2021

National TV Morning Show Producers - Getting on the morning shows requires exciting visuals and perhaps some pathos — but most of all you’d want to choose the producer with the seniority level most appropriate for the task. That’s the nature of our latest SWMS cheat sheet. July 2021


Introducing: The Ojo-Yoshida Report - Two veteran journalists from the semiconductor world have teamed up to launch The Ojo-Yoshida Report, which explores “the intended and unintended consequences of technology innovation.” October 3, 2021


Profile: Mike Wolf, The Spoon - Mike Wolf is a preeminent food tech expert and the founder of The Spoon web site, the Food Tech Podcast and the Smart Kitchen Summit. September 12, 2021


Profile: Jon Swartz, Marketwatch - Jon Swartz has reported on tech for more than 30 years. He’s a senior reporter for Marketwatch, and someone we can all learn from. Jon shares his latest edit priorities, and a backstory that might inspire your next big idea. September 10, 2021


Profile: Michelle Stansbury, Marie Claire Freelancer - Have you ever met a PR pro who also writes about travel and lifestyle for a Tier 1 consumer publication? Now you have. August 30, 2021


CES 2022: Clear as Mud - In an SWMS spot check, journalists weigh in on whether CES 2022 is now safe to attend and worth attending, now that show organizers announced that all attendees will need to prove they are vaccinated against Covid-19. August 18, 2021


Profile: Veronica Combs, TechRepublic - Ask TechRepublic senior writer Veronica Combs about the future of work and she’ll give you the summary you’ve been looking for: “it’s all about change management.” August 10, 2021


Q&A with Jay Lauf: How Charter Will Chart the Future of Work - Charter is a new media property focused on the future of work — and helps us glimpse the future of business media itself. Co-founded by Quartz co-founders Jay Lauf and Kevin Delaney, as well as New York Times veteran Erin Grau, Charter comprises elements of newsletter publishing, organic community and structured member services. July 22, 2021


Key Edit Vacancies at Bloomberg, WSJ - Chances of pitch success are low these days if you’ve got an enterprise tech story for Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal. September 30, 2021

"You have a talent for cutting through jargon and clearly explaining the nuances, relationships and rivalries of this important beat."

‘Extra Crunch’ is Now TechCrunch+ - TechCrunch this week retired its Extra Crunch brand, ending what proved to be an interesting 31-month experiment. TC’s paid edit product is now called TechCrunch+, only slightly different in composition from its predecessor. September 27, 2021

TechCrunch Edit Staff is Growing - TechCrunch is growing. By our count, the 16-year-old title has added six contractors in recent months. Here’s who they are and what they cover, with contact info. - September 23, 2021

Back-Door Pitch Opp: WSJ’s ‘Personal Board of Directors’ - There’s a back door to landing a C-title profile in the Wall Street Journal. There’s also a catch: the executive must maintain a “personal board". September 15, 2021

Killer Tips from B2B Content Marketing Expert Bob Scheier - Former AP, PC Week and Computerworld journalist Bob Scheier helps develop thought leadership content for global B2B companies. He is very, very good at it. In this Q&A, Bob shares tips and tricks for getting techies to come across with clear, usable insight. September 14, 2021

Amanda Orr: How to Discuss ESG Risk/Challenge in Smart Ways - SWMS contributor Amanda Orr writes: Remember those job interviews where they ask you to share your greatest weakness? And there were always those annoying people who refused to answer the question but instead positioned a strength as a weakness (“Oh, my greatest weakness is that I’m simply a perfectionist and I put in too many hours!). August 28, 2021

Bob Scheier: Teaching Techie Execs to Simplify the Message - SWMS contributor Bob Scheier writes: Everyone and their brother seems to be looking for “thought leadership” these days – the unique, thoughtful insights that show you understand the technology you sell and the industry you’re selling into. August 24, 2021

How to Apply to Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative Companies’ - Fast Company seeks applicants for its upcoming Most Innovative Companies issue, due March 2022. FC this month held briefings to help prospective applicants shape their approach. Below is a summary of one session based on notes taken by an SWMS subscriber who attended. August 19, 2021

-- These notes were reviewed and augmented by Fast Company deputy editor David Lidsky.

Bob Scheier: Pulling Case Studies Out of Tech Vendors - One of the more predictable, and sadder, moments in my work with clients comes when I ask for a customer case study to help illustrate all the good things their hardware, software, or services can do. August 12, 2021

Inside Protocol Braintrust: A Contributed Content Opp - Protocol has not only hired a boatload of top journalists in its first 18 months but also has recruited almost 200 contributors whose work appears in a thought leadership vertical called Braintrust. If you represent thought leaders, you’ll enjoy this Q&A with Protocol associate editor Kevin McAllister — your pitch contact — and Protocol president Tammy Wincup. July 22, 2021

Research, interviews and strategy to help you pitch more effectively.


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