Daniel is seen chasing a girl around the painted tiger studio (glendale warehouse). In every room he enters he sees projections of her on the walls. He then will see a shadowy figure (the girl) enter the room and he chases her into the next room where he will see more projections of her. Eventually he is led outside and follows her with his car down a dark road. He gets out to meet her, but she disappears into colored smoke. or they go into the shower together.


  • We see Daniel and a girl in a convertible driving down a road. The car will be stationary and we will use a projector to show the moving road projected onto a wall.
  • The girl will start going wild and whipping her hair and jumping on the back of the convertible/standing up
  • the girl then exits the scene abruptly, leaving Daniel confused.
Projector shots inspiration: Natural Born Killers
  • We then intercut VHS/Home movie footage of the girl in her room.
  • She is seen dancing around, acting fun, and weird
  • Daniel goes into the next room, the black and white tiled room, and sees a projector playing on the wall
  • he sits down a video of the girl starts playing
  • he sees a shadow of the girl passing by the projector in the room, he gets up and follows her
  • everyone room he goes into there are projections of the girl, and he keeps seeing a shadowy figure passing into the room and chasing her into the next room. eventually he is led outside.
projections inspiration
  • Performance shots will intertwine - the band performing in front of projections and in the car
  • we then see daniel in the car. driving down a road as the girl is running down the road lit by his headlights.
  • we finally reach the girl, she is lit by headlights.
  • daniel stops the car and walks out and approaches her
  • the girl then vanishes.
  • all thats left is smoke (pink colored smoke bomb)

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