Which Life Matters, Child or Gorilla Cameron Fuentez

An animal's exhibit in a zoo is a sacred place for them to eat, sleep, and play. Regular people do not intrude on an animal's exhibit in a zoo at any given moment. Zookeepers who attend to the needs of the animal are professionally trained. Especially if anything goes wrong during zoo hours. Although, a zookeeper is put in an extremely difficult position when having to decide which life matters, a child or the gorilla. Now, a regular person would automatically think that the a human's life is more important than a gorilla's. As everyone knows, the infamous situation regarding the silverback Gorilla, Harambe, is but one example of the tough moments zookeepers can find themselves in. Harambe was shot and killed by a zookeeper because a four year old boy fell into his exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. Harambe’s death has stirred controversy in the animal rights world. Animal rights activists think Harambe’s death was unjust, that the zoo shouldn’t have taken such extreme action to restrain the gorilla. Who is unjust in this situation?

Chimpanzee living the wild life
Gorillas are lazy animals that just want to lounge, eat, and not be bothered by visitors.

A life in the wild is the best life for animal, because that is where they belong. Animals in captivity are often prevented from roaming, flying, climbing, and running. All the activities a wild animal would do.

Harambe the gorilla
Harambe was shot and killed May 28th 2016.

The well known gorillas, Harambe had an encounter with a four year old boy, Isaiah Dickerson, in his exhibit which did not end very well.

Monkey with a tranquilizer gun
Why didn't the zookeepers use a tranquilizer gun on the gorilla?

In defense of the gorilla, other zoo keepers have been asking this controversial question. What most people do not know about the use of a tranquilizers on an animal is more than just shooting a dart into the side of their body, then having them pass out seconds after. Using tranquilizers correctly is very important for the animal, because it has the ability to kill the animal if given too much or could end with no results if given too little

The Bronx Zoo entrance sign
Some have argued that the parents were to blame for the gorilla's death.

Going to the zoo is a common outing for families, which involves being outdoors and exotic animals, two things every child loves. Although this kind of entertainment involves a close eye on one's kid, since they can get lost easily or even end up in a gorilla's enclosure.

Both lives mattered in this situation

The main focus is that the gorillas should not be shot down so suddenly for being what they truly are, which is an animal. Animals are animals and that it what they are raised to be. They do not know any better when it comes to encountering humans, let alone children. It is not Harambe's fault that he was visited by an unexpected intruder.

Gorillas are loving animals who only have good intentions


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