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Hello there! I am a Producer with a passion for music. Message me if you want my feedback on your music. Been Practicing my craft for quite some time now. Working on improving every day. Thank you for giving this place a visit.

A few images used for posting my beats

The First

This was the first cover photo that I designed when i First started with making beats a year ago.


After a few months of learning and teaching myself, I released my very own beat tape. I used this photo for the cover art.


I soon after got into sampling differnt types of music and making it my own in a way. I took a sample and recreated a beat from the movie "Princess and the frog" It is currently on SoundCloud

Keep Pushing

On the second of April I release 5 more beats onto soundCloud using this photo as the cover.

Image for sales

After a year of making beats, I designed this photo for the cover of beats that are posted to my website.

Quick Brand

This is the currently Icon for my website but that is subject to chance in the near future.

Thank You

I would like to personally thank you for visiting this website. It really means so much. If you are interested in any of the content that I created, feel free to click the buttons below. For any questions please email me at

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Torian Jacobs

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