we didnt start the fire

Harry Thurman: Became US President when President Roosevelt died in 1945. He was responsible for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan ending World War II.

Red China: Communist took control of China after a struggle that started before World War II and renamed the country the Rebelioun.

Johnnie Ray: Partiially deaf singer, whose song Cry was a number one hit. Ray actually cried in performing the song. He was a to star in 1949 and 1950 with his other hit song The Little White Cloud that Cried and Walking in the Rain.

Walter Winchell: Walte Winchell was a top gossip reporter, whose newspaper column and radio show could make or break a celebrity.

Rosenbergs: The Rosenbergs were a husband and wife who where arrested and executed for selling secrets of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

H-Bomb: The hydrogen bomb was developed under the guidence of Dr.Edward Teller. It was many times more powerful than an atomic bomb and in fact required an atomic bomb to detinate. The United States exploded the first H-Bomb and a few years later the Soviet Union then exploded their version the bomb.

Joseph Stalin: Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union. He was a haarsh leader who had millions of his people executed or sent to labor camps in Sibera. On his way to political power, he hanged his name to Stalin, which means Steel in Russian.

Nasser: Gamal Abdel Nasser was the second president of Egypt after Muhammad Naguib. He was considered one of the mor einfluential Arab leaders in history.

Malenkov: George Malenkov was a Soviet politician and Communist party leader, and a close collaborator of Joseph Stalin. He briefly became leader of the USSR (March 1953-Febuary 1955) after Stalins death.

Dacron: A new wonder materil Dacron hit the market.

James Dean: James Dean was a movie star who became a symbol of young people for his role in the movie Rebal Without A Cause.

After completing his next movie Giant Dean decided to drive his new 1955 Porsche Spyder to Salinas California to enter ina sports car race there. His mechanic rode wwith him. On the way there Deans car was struck by another vehicle which crossed the centerline, James Dean was the only one killed in the accident. The driver of the other carhad minor injuries, while the mechanic was thrown from the car and suffered some broken bones.

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