Can you identify the different parts of a story? Jace Wilson

When you are in first grade you are supposed to learn the different parts of a story. For example; the characters, the setting, and other main points of a story. This is the common core standard RL. 1.3, which states: describe character, setting, and major events using key details.

The students will do popcorn reading and when asked what the setting is, they will be able to identify it and other characteristics of the story. When completely done reading the student will design a poster demonstrating a scene from the book.

This project is to help the student better understand the main things in a story. The poster is to show their understanding of the topic and show that the student can identify such without the help of their peers.

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This webquest is to help the kid see examples, and have a reference point to what they are supposed to be doing. This webquest gives the kids an example of a character map and an example of a story elements map, as well as some videos that go along with this standard.

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