Is She the Best Fit? By: Daveon Barbee

Since day one Ayana’s team has been promoting one message, and that has been “dance with Yana.” Her team’s efforts to work together and get things done without any hiccups has really impressed me. No matter the task they have kept everything professional with an open-mind. Her team has no problem with taking the extra step to get things done the right way and that is great for attracting voters. It reflects how her team will have the determination to inflict change that would benefit the students if she;s elected as the School Board President. Her team’s ability to make everything come together has attracted my vote alone. As their first action they stated that they would construct new financial statements for the specialty centers and sports programs. Mrs. William's stated, "she wants to be the voice for the students," and that's a big commitment. Satisfied student's creates a smoothly running school system. If she's elected I don't think she will disappoint. Her team has clear views and strong backgrounds and they are sticking to it!

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