David Attenborough By Dani

David is an English broadcaster and writer. He is considered a national treasure in Britain.He did educational programs on television for BBC. He even wrote a lot of natural history television series.

Who is David Attenborough?

His full name is Sir David Fredrick Attenborough.He was born on May 8,1926 in London. David completed his degree in Natural Science at Cambridge University. In 1947, he spent two years serving the Royal Navy.He worked for BBC in 1952, at that time he didn't own a television. Then he was a controller for BBC2 (1965-1968) and introduced colour tv to Britain.


David was the middle son of three. His elder brother Lord Richard was a film director and died in August 24, 2014. His younger brother John, Who worked in the motor trade passed away in November 9, 2012. Sir David has two children Robert and Susan with his late wife Jane and two grandchildren.His wife past away in 1997.

Sir David is a great naturalist and has more than 10 plants and animals named after him. Although people think David loves all animals and creatures, he doesn't like rats! Sir David is almost 90 years old ,but he has still a lot to offer.


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