Omurice By bryan montero.

Omurice is a Korean dish that is eaten for breakfast and lunch for the carbs and protein but this dish was introduced to South Korea during the Japanese ruling. And is eaten amongst the country very easy and simple to make .

First you need one diced tomato second a half of onion diced and one clove of garlic crushed and minced and then 3 rams of cilantro minced with two cups of cooked white rice and 3oz of oyster sauce.

Then you add the rice into your prepan and drizzle it with a bit of olive oil enough to coat the pan fry the rice and then add the rest of your condiments into the pan and stir until cooked.

Then you crack and whisk four large eggs in a bowl and two pinch of salt to make your omelette in a pan with olive oil drizzled in enough to leave a nice coated layer and wait until one side is cooked and then flip it over with your spatula until cooked the results down below.

Then chop and dice a chicken frank and add into your pan and just cook normally if you get it crispy it has a nice taste to it.

Then you just put the rice into a nice ball form with a spoon and have your omelette covered with the chicken frank and just cover it and put some ketchup or sriracha and enjoy

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