War of the Roses Luke Basler

The 2 houses were the house of York and house of Lancaster. York's symbol was a white rose and Lancaster's was a red rose

Edward IV challenged Henry VI for the throne and Edward IV beat Henry VI's larger army at the battle of Towton

Richard III was suspected to be the killers of the 2 kids that were heirs to the throne and I believe he was guilty

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor win at the Battle of Bosworth Field and become the new rulers of England

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor become the new rulers of england and their house symbol is a red and white rose


Created with images by Loco Steve - "World Peace Rose Garden Capitol Park Sacramento CA" • pipilongstockings - "War of the roses RIP pops x" • fourthandfifteen - "Possibly King Henry VI" • CircaSassy - "A child's history of England (1897)" • David Holt London - "National Portrait Gallery London 043 Richard III" • dullhunk - "The War of the Rosé at the Battle of Bosworth" • lisby1 - "James V, King of Scotland, Father of Mary, Queen of Scots, Son of Margaret Tudor, Grandson of Henry VII" • Dun.can - "Jasper Tudor" • 3589840 - "roses red white"

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