Double Victory Zoe, taylor


Fight for minimum payment

Work less hours per day

This picture shows that the woker were so foucsing on their own work.
  • Labors got low pay for their work in a very long period during WWII
This picture shows that there's a walkout and tells what the woker want from the copmany or boss.
  • Asian Americans received racism when they fight the war
This picture shows that all the people on the truckĀ are sending to the army to work.
  • They all suffered in discrimination
This picture shows that the wokers are moving the big bag over the place.
  • They had a hard time making money to live in a safe place
This picture shows many woker or the labor are living together in a small area and tiny space.

Labors were working so hard everyday, even they work more than 10 hours per day, however, they still facing the racism discrimination. They held some walkout to fight for their right and the Justice. The labors work affects the economy of the country then contribute to the cause of the war. Labors were working so hard and to produce more war products, such as guns and weapons for the United States soldiers.

Asian Americans

We are Asian Americans

In 1942, the United States government set up a camp for Japanese American in California.
  • Japanese living on the west coast were forced to relocate into internment camps in early 1942
In 1942, the 100th Infantry Battalion was formed of Japanese American soldiers originally from the 298th and 299th Infantry Regiments.
Japanese Americans in the process of being imprisoned
  • Forced to leave behind their homes & family
All Japanese Americans and those of Japanese descent were relocation by the U.S. government and placed in internment camps during World War 2.
  • They are both the oppressor that been to do things
In foreground group of Japanese-American soldiers climb over a ridge and begin to fire

Asian American

To those Japanese American, with less that one week notice, they were forced to leave behind their homes, jobs, savings and income, total about a half billion dollars. Also, 17,000 internees volunteered for military service. In total more than 25,000 Japanese Americans proved their loyalty in uniforms. Korean Americans were formed into the tiger Brigade, which trained to defend the Pacific Coast against an enemy invasion. Even though that they were facing racism discrimination, they fight the war on the American's side still, it shows their loyalty.

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