Golden 50 Spirit of the woodstock Nation

An all access back stage pass to re-live the love and magic of woodstock.

Artie Kornfeld

The father of Woodstock never stopped rockin'. He is so much more than the co-creator of the 1969 Woodstock rock festival. Artie was a prolific music producer that worked with the world's top artists for decades. He worked with artist like The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen and hundreds more legends of rock. As a song writer he wrote several chart topping hits and help produce over 120 platinum albums. His job was to make rock stars.

The Show

The master showman has created a multi media music show that immerses the audience in the world of rock and roll. Artie takes the audience on a first class roller coaster ride of his life. Audiences will listen spell bound as he tells about the untold stories of Woodstock, back room music deals, being kidnapped in a foreign country and partying with the rich and famous. He will also lay himself bare as he tells about drugs, loss and the ugly side of rock and roll.

The Art

images will be provided by legendary rock and roll photographer Don Aters. Don has captured some of the iconic images over the ages. He has captured the essence of the artists from historic times and places like the Filmores, Monterey, Woodstock, Watkins Glenn and The Avalon.

The Music

Artie has been instrumental in helping to produce some of the best selling rock and roll albums of all time. He has also promoted and help mold raw talent into rock and roll legends. After decades of success and access to a pool of top artist to call on, he has done it again with his all star backing band.

Heidi Little

Heidi is an award winning musician, a peace advocate and a spoke person for children's causes. Heidi recently beat out thousands of musicians from around the world to be awarded the prestigious Akedemia award for best artist. Heidi is enjoying world wide airplay from he hit song "Butterfly". Artie enjoyed co-writing her new song "Spirit of the Woodstock Nation"


Tom Constanten

Tom was the keyboardist for the Grateful Dead. Tom was instrumental in helping to create several albums and toured with one of the world's most iconic counter culture bands in history. Tom will use his talent as one of the core members of the backing band as he relates stories from his days in the Dead.

The Party

From time to time Artie will invite special guest and rock and roll friends to the party. Maybe they will relate their rock and roll stories. Maybe they will be in the band. Either way it will be a good time for everyone. But be warned, One time when Artie threw a party 500,000 people showed up.

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