U.S HealthCare Imani Harris

What does Trump say?

Donald J. Trump wants to Completely repeal Obamacare. He believes that no person should be required to buy insurance unless he/she wants to. Also, he wants to modify existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across all state lines. Trump released a plan, “Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again.” “It’ll be better health care, much better, for less money,” he promised. “Not a bad combination.”

The Impact of the New Administration

According to antitrust experts, the clearest sign of the new administration’s position will come from who is appointed to crucial positions at the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission. They intend to keep the provision which doesn't allow insurers to deny coverage to people with any preexisting medical problems. Although many American citizens will be affected by this, do not expect it to be in full force overnight. It is said that we should expect a two-year period before the marketplaces and other parts of the law cease.

The Next FOUR Years

Rising costs and increasing demands on the healthcare system will force a transformation in the role of today’s physician. People will have to rethink the traditional model and find ways to make the alternatives work. I believe that if the ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act is completely gone, the country will end up spending way too much money on healthcare and the health of many U.S. citizens will deplete. As president, Trump should find a way to keep the affordable care act, while making minor changes to it so that people who are under ObamaCare will not be forced to pay money for healthcare.

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