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Walter is a fresh new talent on the filmmaking scene. His latest horror/thriller feature film "Voodoo Possession" stars Danny Trejo and is in release worldwide. Voodoo Possession is a smart, complex and creepily atmospheric tale. When a cynical Aiden Chase journeys to a Haitian insane asylum in search of his missing brother he discovers all the inmates and the hospital administrator (Danny Trejo) are seemingly possessed by a bloodthirsty voodoo spirit.

“It progresses to a brilliant and a more than thrilling climax. From all the movies made on voodoo practices, this one tops the list.” - YAABOT

"This one is gonna blow you away and I really really recommend it. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is the best voodoo film since Serpent and the Rainbow.” - B-IS FOR BEST MOVIE REVIEWS AND MORE

Available rights for Voodoo Possession: Asia, Australia/NZ, Canada, Africa, Europe ex-Germany/UK, Latin America (various media available, please inquire)


- "The Masters of Fear" horror/reality web series (in development)- Walter and his filmmaker friends star in a top secret reality series unlike any other. Warner Bros. is currently developing this webseries through its wholly owned subsidiary, The Wolper Company ("Bates Motel").

- "The Nightmare Travelers" horror/reality TV series (in development) - For this series that's a bit of Ghost Hunters meets Parts Unknown with a twist, Walter and his partner, Troy Garriga, have secured a development deal with MadWest Content and Jupiter Entertainment ("A&E's Biography," "Modern Marvels").

- "Voodoo Possession" horror feature film, writer/director/producer, distributed world wide

- "Fortune Cookies" romantic comedy screenplay - writer, Semi-finalist in the Lifetime/Bentonville Film Festival Screenplay Competition

- "Thrust" comedy feature film, writer/director/producer, successful US film festival run

- "D-Volution" horror/thriller short film, writer/director/producer, successful film festival run

- Select filmmaking clients include: Warner Music Group Licensing Department, Europe Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training, Tito Felix rock band music video for "Man of Steel"

Walter has 30 years of experience as a filmmaker and has been a licensed entertainment attorney since 1999. He has worked in almost every end of the film/TV industry from studios such as MGM Pictures to independent film distributors such as RLJ Entertainment to sales agents such as Electric Entertainment and shepherding dozens of independent filmmakers. You can find out more about Walter by scrolling to the bottom of the page for Walter's bio.




(horror/drama) short film, TRT 6:10

When a man races against time to save his wife who's infected with a mutating virus he's forced to make a terrible decision. D-Volution has successfully played at dozens of film festivals including Justin Lin's "Interpretations" film competition. It is a proof of concept for a feature film.






Walter is currently seeking co-production and investment partners in order to produce genre-based feature films and other content for worldwide audiences that feature a diverse mix of talent. His fiercely creative mind and shrewd attention to profitability will combine to execute the proposed slate of films below. (click on title to see full project pitch page)

"DETONATE" (contained thriller/action - feature film script written by Walter Boholst)

When a mechanic thwarts a bomb plot by his girlfriend’s psycho militant dad they get trapped in the basement with the bomb and have to avoid the booby-traps and disarm the bomb before it blows the building to pieces. (completed script available)

"FORTUNE COOKIES" (romantic comedy - feature film script written by Walter Boholst)

As an Asian woman tries to save her failing Asian restaurant she discovers her fortune cookies can tell the future and gets caught between a vicious landlord chasing her out, the man she’s fallen for and the overzealous customers obsessed with their fortune cookie fates. The Fortune Cookies script placed in the semi-finals of the Lifetime Network Screenplay Competition sponsored by the Bentonville Film Festival . (completed script available)

"MANILA GUNS" (martial arts/action - feature film script written by Walter Boholst)

After a short-tempered street fighter’s sister is kidnapped he’s ordered to pay her ransom by collecting debts from the toughest criminals in the barrio as he fights crooked cops and vengeful debtors on his way back to freeing his sister. (completed script available)

"D-VOLUTION" (zombie/infected action - feature film script written by Walter Boholst)

When a military scientist’s wife is infected with a zombie virus bio-weapon he has to race her back to the cure across a third world city in chaos before a paranoid mob hunts them down and before she turns to feed on him. It's "Children of Men" meets "28 Days Later" with a strong love story to ground the action.

"MOJAVE" (horror - Walter attached to direct - feature film script available written by Anthony Troy Garriga)

When a group of volatile strippers venture out on a desert road trip their car breaks down and a strange old cowboy offering them help takes them on a sinister path which leaves them wondering who's the biggest danger, the stranger, each other, or an oppressive world run by men gone man.

"ST. TAMMANY PARISH" (horror - Walter attached to direct - feature film script available written by Anthony Troy Garriga)

Based on true events. A family with 3 children moves to a house next to a cemetery in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana when the son and his mischievous friends unknowingly unleash a murderous urban legend monster buried there named Onionhead.

AMERICAN FIST (martial arts/action - feature film script written by Walter Boholst)

When an immigrant street fighter is forced by an ICE agent to buy his freedom for $20k in the next 24 hours or get deported, he untangles a web of corruption and must fight his way out with his lightning-quick fists.


- Grew up in the small town of Crystal River, Florida, USA where he won his first award, the "Earth Day Film Contest" award in high school.

- Graduated from the University of Florida and the University of Miami School of Law.

- Walter created a hyper-stylized 90-minute lifestyle DVD called “Thrust Video Candy” which explored the lives of sexy models, obsessed car guys and swirling breakdancers in the circus-like world of the pimped-out import car show scene.

- He expanded the Thrust brand when he wrote, produced and directed a low budget satirical comedy feature film called “Thrust” which played a successful film festival run. Thrust is a Hollywood satire where three desperate filmmakers must finish their dream TV pilot as their insane producer twists and turns it into the most obnoxious, perverted show ever.

- To promote the film "Thrust", Walter and Team Thrust produced dozens of in-your-face comedy sketches on their Youtube channel that served as a faux self-motivational channel called “The Power of Thrust.”

- Walter sowed the sees of his “intelligent genre” fare with his horror film festival favorite short film “D-volution” (view below). It was well-received for its visceral grit and raw emotion which opened many doors. It was based on a feature length zombie script of his that he describes as "Children of Men" meets "28 Days Later."

- In addition to long form projects, Walter has directed dozens of short form projects in all genres that have played at dozens of film festivals. He creates music videos, PSA’s and short films for clients as diverse as the alt-rock group Tito Felix, the Europe-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training Program and Warner Music Group.

- Walter is also very active in the Filipino and Asian communities as a screener/judge for the Los Angeles International Philippine Film Festival and as co-founder/board member of FilAm Creative, an organization for Filipino Americans in entertainment. Prior to that he served as the president of the University of Florida Filipino Student Association and founded the largest Asian talent show in the Southeastern U.S., DTJ, which is going strong in its 3rd decade and draws thousands from all parts of the Southeastern US. Part of Walter's filmmaking mission is put diversity on screen and to bring the Asian and American film worlds together through his English-language genre films.


- Walter is a consultant in entertainment law and business and president/founder of consulting firm Showbiz Consultants. He is a licensed attorney in the state of FL, USA. His expertise comes from over a decade in film/TV/music distribution as an in-house attorney or business consultant for Rhino Entertainment Company, a division of Warner Music Group, US film/TV distributor Inception Media Group, its foreign sales agent division called Inception Film Partners, Image/RLJ Entertainment, ARC Entertainment, Veranda Distribution and Electric Entertainment.

- Walter also has experience from the studio development side with creative input at A-list companies Davis Entertainment (Predator, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, I, Robot), Initial Entertainment Group, the former company of Graham King (The Departed, World War Z) and as Assistant Story Editor at MGM Creative Affairs.

- His career path also took him through some of the major entertainment companies on the planet including Universal Music Group, the legal departments of Walt Disney Studios, Buena Vista Television, CBS Films and the Bentonville Film Festival, which is co-chaired by actress Geena Davis.

- View Walter's full professional resume on LINKEDIN


Walter is eager to meet creatives, investors, business people and companies that share the same dream to create smart, fun, visceral content that will resonate with the viewer and achieve substantial return on investment while doing so.

Walter Boholst


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