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Monika Zerbe is a Polish-Canadian student wrapping up her final year in her Undergraduate program of Professional Communications at Ryerson University, Toronto, ON. She is completing a double minor in both Public Relations and Law. Monika holds her passion for sustainability and business high, as after she graduates she hopes to pursue a career in the legal sector, with a focus on corporate social responsibility. In her free time, Monika can be seen working on her skills in the kitchen, as she has been considered by her peers and family to be quite the epicure. As of March 2021, she has applied to four culinary schools hoping to fuel this passion project of hers.


My research topic is on the correlative relationship between the attitudes and experiences of early childhood and how that impacts adult relationships with alcohol. This topic is relevant in regards to addiction, parenthood and the social normality that alcohol has become in our culture. To determine a relationship between the early childhood experiences and approaches to alcohol of participants, and the attitude they have towards the substance today. By exploring this relationship through a narrative surveying approach, I hope to uncover potential issues and attitudes that can develop as alcohol consumption becomes a standardized and normalized practice.

For my research, I decided to compare the transcripts of 10 interviews through content analysis, focusing on the narrative element of each participant and their responses. I will structurally code the interviews to answer and uncover certain recurring themes found through my research questions, with reference to the participants attitudes towards alcohol. Particular attention will be paid to childhood influences. Calling upon some of the concepts explored through grounded theory, this will be utilized to reveal a strong correlative relationship. A relationship between early childhood influences and the impact it can have on an individual’s alcohol consumption and overall attitudes towards the substance. In order to achieve this, a code book shall be employed. If the data demonstrates a strong correlation, there is potential for a definite case in readjusting the conversation surrounding alcohol and upbringing to better ensure a more controlled and healthy relationship with alcohol.

Project Tags; Alcohol, Addiction, Parenthood, Children, Childhood


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