The Story of Theseus By:Cienna Gola

The story starts off with Theseus being born. He is the son of Aethra, King Aegeus, and the god Poseidon. He starts his journey by heading to find his father Aegeus in Athens.
Throughout his journey he fought, and won, against many monsters and bandits. One he fought was Sciron, a bandit, and his giant turtle Molly.
Sciron claimed to kick Theseus over a cliff if he didn't wash his feet. When Theseus almost did, but didn't, Sciron kicked out, but Theseus moved just in time. Sciron fell off of the cliff, into Molly's mouth.
When Theseus reached Athens, he knew he could get killed if he just came out and claimed to be the son of the king. To avoid this, Theseus completed a challenge, to kill the Marathon Bull, which won him a dinner with Aegeus.
After the dinner, Aegeus's wife was gone, and Theseus was staying with his father. When Theseus heard about how 14 people were taken every month as an offering to the Minotaur, he set out to stop it.
Theseus told his father how he will go as one of the fourteen sacrifices, kill the minotaur, and come back with white sails, signaling that he was alive.
When Theseus arrived in Crete, the daughter of Minos fell in love with him and helped him with the way through the labyrinth. She also gave him a ball of yarn to keep track of where he went.
Theseus attacked the Minotaur, stabbed him in the gut with his own horn, and killed it, causing peace for not only Athens, but also Crete.
Sadly, Theseus left the princess and forgot about putting up white sails. This led Aegeus to think Theseus had died. Out of grief, Aegeus jumped off a building, and Theseus became King of Athens.


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