TEam building By Alexander Mincey, Yazmin Herrera, Jalen Graham, and Andrea Mendez

The 6 Thinking Hats

  • Blue:leader
  • Yellow:positivity
  • Green:creativity
  • Black:judgement
  • White:logic
  • Red:feeling

MBTI Types

Summary of Forming Teams with Different Approaches

A team is formed by assessing what type of "hat" and/or MBTI type. The yellow, blue, black, and green hat are placed in a team along with other hats if there are enough people. An intuitor is a must for the team, along with a judger, perceiver, thinker, and feeler. The MBTI types are similar to the thinking hats except that the hats are decided according to the way they think, and the MBTI type is decided by their personality.

What are two theoretical advantages or benefits of heterogeneous teams?

  • There are diverse thinking styles or personality types so it is easier to think of a solution that is effective
  • As a result, there will be multiple solutions.

What are two theoretical disadvantages or challenges for heterogeneous teams?

  • Coordinating events or processes will be difficult.
  • When people give their opinion it will be a lot harder to come to a compromise because of diversity.

These Methods are Still Useful, But Why?

  • These methods are still useful because they help in the brainstorming process. Coming up with solutions is easy because the problem is seen by multiple perspectives. The team also benefits when facing problems in the engineering process for the same reasons stated.


  • These methods of team forming aren't useful if the people being assessed lie on the assessment, because then their typing would be incorrect. The methods will also be not as beneficial when doing manual work and conducting tests, because the team is not using much brainpower when manually working.


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