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Welcome to Socially Smashing Social Media Strategies for Success

Below I'll share how you can become socially smashing with strategies that will set your business up for success on social media. How? By creating more engagement, more interest and more fun things to comment about on your Facebook page.

Sounds simple, but it's not. It's actually a strategic implementation that takes time to figure out how to deliver what your market place wants instead of what you think they need.

Here are the top 3 things you'll want to keep in mind as you go through your social media strategy buildout. I've also included some super cool tips you can use with links attached so that you can get started ASAP! Don't waste time, your competition is on your heels. Let's get started...

#1 Top of Mind Idea for Social Media Strategy Success

Create a mobile responsive site that is optimized for mobile, is tested and tried out on all phones and is able to be used on all types of mobile devices, not just phones, but tablets too. Here's a great tool to use to get started with this type of responsive sleuthing about your site. http://ami.responsivedesign.is/ . Make sure you check your site. So many times I see sites that have information on them and they're not responsive and it's embarrassing because when I give a comment to the owner about their site, they get upset and take it personally. Try to create an open line of communication for your online presence, the more open you are to feedback the easier it will be for people to enjoy the engagement factor with your business.

#2 Top of Mind Idea for Social Media Strategy Success

Create a socially validated pinned post FB ad:

1. Pin a post to the top of your page that links to your offer, your giveaway, your sweepstakes or whatever you're doing to promote your business.

2. Send ~10 to that post and tell them to comment something nice and like it

3. When creating your ad, choose an existing post on your page and run that as your ad

#3 Top of Mind Idea for Social Media Strategy Success

Create ongoing organic reach that leads to an engagement strategy. Most small businesses haven't created a social media strategy that sticks. In fact, they're copying most of their competition who hasn't defined their social media strategy either. It's a conundrum and when modeled can lead you down a rabbit hole of no leads and a lot of money spent without anything to show for it.

Here's a few ideas to keep yourself "original" and organic at the same time, but, keep in mind, this has to be an every day occurrence and it's got to be something that is followed up with. You can't expect people to click and buy on the first try.

1. Post a weekly “recap” video: updating them on what they need to know in their industry. This recap video can also serve as a weekly video newsletter that you put into your email autoresponder and your messenger chat bot. In the description of the video, use good keywords and links to anything you mention. Even if you didn't think of the idea, link out to it. You'll get the juice from the backlinks.

2. Share good information: that is actually defined and distributed by more than the spammer. You want to share information that is valuable and actionable. Keep your audience on their toes with things they have to do to hold them accountable. When they start being held accountable, they'll take action, and when they take action they engage.

3. Call To Action: Create a engaging call to action. Simple is always complicated and when it comes down to it, it's always great to have more eyes and more informative opinions on this then just your own. Don't factor in that you know your audience, this is where we all make mistakes and we can't afford to lose. So do yourself and your followers a favor and ask them about what they want as opposed to assuming what they need. For example, if you want a call to action for a giveaway, then say, "If you haven’t done so, get my free giveaway" and link to the free op-tin on your page. Here's a resource for you that you'll find highly helpful and extremely easy to use: http://bit.ly/22referme

4. Follow up with a 2nd Call to Action: If you’re ready to get started, click to take action and show a link to your paid offer or free consult. Now for some really awesome organic distribution ideas, use your email, your Facebook Messenger and all of your social media sites and grab the link to that video and send it to your leads via email, messenger, posts on Pinterest using the new Pinterest to Messenger bot and chat extension. See more about this feature here. Here's a brief overview of this new feature

Pinterest is also the first to use our newly updated share to Messenger SDK. This update makes sharing content into Messenger from a native mobile app richer and engaging, since people will be able to actually interact with the content that’s being shared in Messenger and be directed to a chat extension or bot (vs. a website). It's also a great way for businesses and developers to drive discovery to their chat extension or bot.

5. Boost your Post. You'll have to see if your post gets a good response. Make sure that you're pinning the post to the top of your page and when you feel, (based on your sleuthing that you've done about your specific audience within the audience insights on Facebook) your post is viable to be a paid for advertisement (i.e., boosted post) then by all means run an ad with this post!

6. Facebook Groups: Do you belong to any Facebook Groups that allow you to post videos that include a call to action? Then post it in there to provide value to the group!

Work with Nicole.

I'll help you create your messenger bot follow up sequence that will not only engage your audience, but keep them accountable to your messages. Schedule an appointment (for serious businesses only) to hire Nicole to help you create a Socially Smashing Social Media Strategy for Success! click HERE to fill out my quick Q&A with your business information and get more ideas from Nicole when we meet during your free consultation.

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