Rhetorical Devices 5 By Alexis Castro and Pyper Moore

Poisoning the well - An unreliable character being introduced on a story. Example: "Then a man came who had no interest."
Premise- a statement of truth. Example - The truth is that there was nothing to be done for him he was in his last moment.s.
Red Herring- an argument that distracts someone by bringing up irrelevant issues Example - while Pyper and Alex were arguing Alex started talking about the soccer game on Saturday..
Straw Man- calling out an opponent when they are not there. Example - Once Alex had left Katherine started to talk things about Alex's point of view.
Slippery slope- one thing leads to another. Example - If one sheep fall in a hole all of them will fall in.
Rhetorical shift- when an author starts writing differently Example - The author was writing in such a calm way and when the character found the secret out the style changed to a more action thrilled writing.
Syntax- rules of grammar Example A singular subject needs a singular predicate. A sentence needs to express a complete thought.
Synthesis- combining sources to achieve a common end. Both teams combined their skills to figure out the solution faster.
Tricolon- a sentence with three different parts and separated by commas. Example- Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired.
Zeugma- parts tied together using the same verb or noun. Example - You held your breath and the door for me -

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