Sticking With The Weights


I feel that it is not only important to exercise your brain but your body as well. I feel like once we get to college we have way to much on our plate to worry about keeping our bodies strong and healthy. This is another reason why I want to push these good habits now instead of later.


I think this exhibit will be a breeze. I think that because no matter what you do its better than nothing. You don't need to hit a quota or superset, all you need to do is get moving and the rest will all come later. I hope with consistency that my body adjusts quickly and I anticipate the positive benefits of a health body.


This is pretty simple CONSISTENCY is KEY. All I can do is to continue to do it. However, the majority of my fitness will be done at home so I am limited to the weights and apps that I have at home. But for this week that I am testing I only want to focus on a few things.

This is the exercises I will be following


Overall this was a very humbling experience for me. To actually set aside time to become a better version of yourself, and though every journey starts small the outcome is much much better. I think its crazy how my body could change in just a short period of time. While the results may not have shown so much visibly, I could definitely tell a difference from just walking around campus. Also for the most part I was able to do all of the exercises except for burpees. I despise burpees much like a middle school kid hates the mile run. However, by not getting caught up with frustrating burpees i was able to breeze through the other exercises each day. Im am very happy with the idea of this exhibit because you have the option to do something different, it can be whatever you want it to be. And I feel like this is not only setting a good pace for my management skills but also my letting my mind escape or let off some steam for a little bit.

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