My Carving Kehmar S

This was my first design and I wanted bigger lines to make it bigger and this design was original because i was thinking of a king and what better to not do a k but it would not look good if I just put k. I had to crown which stands for king king k and since my name starts with a k k the design says king Kehmar or king k. I wanted to draw a king but i knew that the design would have to much details and small lines and i wanted my name to be in it so i had to make sure they see a king which that is the crown and my name kehmar which is the k.

This as Easel Inventables and this is were i was able to carve my drawing. First i had to change the materials to x:6 in and y: 6 in and z:0.25 in. I also had to make the cut 1/16 depth/and i had to make the name of the project Kehmar.

This is the final product of my design. My carving turns out the way I wanted because I wanted the curves to stand out. I think I balanced the positive and negative shapes by using the black filament to outline the k because it would not look as good if I put the black filament to be the k instead of the yellow filament. I am most proud of the crown on the top because when I was drawing the crown I did not want it to be to sharp because it could cut you so I had to add a flat top to the spikes and that was interesting because of how challenging. This was very difficult because it would first it would not enter into Easel Inventables because the lines were to small. I think what I made was great because I know I'm a king and I love to be the king. King k.

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