Lives Poetic

First time out

I was a torc of gold

And wept tears of the sun.

That was fun

But they buried me

In the earth two thousand years

Till a labourer

Turned me up with a pick

In eighteen fifty-four.

Once I was an oar

But stuck in the shore

To mark the place of a grave

When the lost ship

Sailed away. I thought

Of Ithaca, but soon decayed.

The time that I liked

Best was when

I was a bump of clay

In a Navaho rug,

Put there to mitigate

The too god-like

Perfection of that

Merely human artifact.

I served my maker well —

He lived long

To be struck down in

Denver by an electric shock

The night the lights

Went out in Europe

Never to shine again.

So many lives,

So many things to remember!

I was a stone in Tibet,

A tongue of bark

At the heart of Africa

Growing darker and darker . . .

It all seems

A little unreal now,

Now that I am

An anthropologist

With my own

Credit card, dictaphone,

Army-surplus boots

And a whole boatload

Of photographic equipment.

I know too much

To be anything any more;

And if in the distant

Future someone

Thinks he has once been me

As I am today,

Let him revise

His insolent ontology

Or teach himself to pray.

My author may have picked this title to explain different lives people has and explains it from the sun and other outside things.

The first sentence of my poem says "First time out i was a torc of gold and wept tears of the sun." in my words its meaning its a piece of twisted medal going into the light and tears as of the sun rays hitting the medal and making it hot and and it wept tears of the sun meaning it was shedding tears as going into the light

The second sentence of the poem says "that was fun but they buried me in the earth tow thousand years till a laborer turned me up with a pick in eighteen fifty-four." reading this sentence i got confused but i think it means he/she was shut out for thousands of years and finally someone came and noticed them when one look at them but before that it was like he/she was buried and gone until one person came along and noticed them and picked them back up and they feel noticed now.

My third sentence says "once i was a oar but stuck in the shore to mark the place of a grave when the lost ship sailed away." in my words this means they thought they was stuck in the sea or ocean and they lost a ship that sailed away and they are lost without everyone else and it like they cant get out and back to the shore to find a way home or somewhere or find the lost ship.

My fourth sentence says "i thought of Ithaca, but soon decayed." i thought this was related to the last sentence they was thinking of someone on the lost ship but they missed them so much they finally stopped, the thinking and missing Ithaca stopped, it decayed.

My fifth sentence says "the time that i liked best when i was a bump of clay in a navaho rug, put there to mitigate the too god-like perfection of that merely human artifact." This means he/she was just unnoticed and she wasn't bothered and he/she was like a human artifact.

The sixth sentence says "i served my marker well he lived long to be stuck down in Denver by an electric shock the night the lights went out in Europe never to shine again." He/She worked to hard to be stuck down they earn to shine and be a bright light for what they did. Europe didn't do nothing so it doesn't deserve to shine or have light.

Seventh sentence says "so many lives, so many thing to remember!" Meaning there are many lives and there's so much to remember so don't forget anything and make no regrets just live life because its beautiful and there's a lot more than worrying about wrong just live and remember all the good things.

Eighth sentence says "i was the stone in tibet a tongue of bark at the heart of Africa growing darker and darker...." He/She was trying hard He/she was the stone of Africa and no matter what they did it just kept getting darker and darker no matter what.

Ninth sentence says "it all seems a little unreal now, now that i am an anthropologist with my own credit card, Dictaphone army-surplus boots and a while boatload of photographic equipment." He/she didn't realize because they did a lot and they never saw their self at the point in life they are at now and its like a dream come true because everything they did they thought they wasn't good enough but now they made it in life.

Tenth sentence says "i know to much to be anything any more and if in the distant future someone thinks he has once been me as i am today let him revise his insolent ontology or teach himself to pray."

The tone of this poem is kinda sad, heartless, or maybe depressing i feel like. The way i paraphrased things made is seem like that's the tone of the story. They way it is when you read the poem it doesn't sound like they are happy they are sad and alone and at one point its like they don't even exist.

The shifts in this poem goes between sad and hurting and like they feel like no one cares about them so they express how they feel.


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