St. Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas day is celebrated on December 6th every year in many places, including the Netherlands.

This picture shows Sinterklaas and Black Peter going down the chimney.

Saint Nicholas day is usually celebrated by the dutch but can be celebrated by others too. Saint Nicholas puts presents under kids' beds and in their shoes at night so they can open them when they wake up. Saint Nicholas day is a major holiday because it is considered a religious holiday.

Saint Nicholas day parade

One thing you can do to support Saint Nicholas day is to go to the parade or watch it on TV. Most people usually dress normally on Saint Nicholas day. The streets on Saint Nicholas day, and especially during the parade, are decorated brightly and with color.

Special GIngerbread Men

The food eaten on Saint Nicholas day include Special Gingerbread Men, spiced biscuits, cookies, and loads of sweets.

Sinterklaas ( Left) and Santa Claus ( Right)

As you might have already noticed, Saint Nicholas day is very similar to Christmas. Some ways they are the same is we have gingerbread men and we sometimes refer to Santa as St. Nick. Some ways they are different though include that Santa does not ride a horse, also Santa has elves rather than Black Peter

Black Peter(Right), aka Zwarte Piet, is Sintklaas' helper who seems nice, but he is known to do the dirty work while St. Nick is the nice guy. The legend says that if you were naughty, Black Peter would put you in sack and take you to Spain. Their are many rumors suggesting that Black Peter was a slave or an orphan saved by St. Nick. To look at the good side of him though, he throws candy out during the parade.

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