Abrahamic Religion By: chris pach, zachary morris


  • The founder of Judaism is Abraham was founded in the Middle East
  • The main prophet of Judaism is Moses
  • The books of Judaism are the Torah and Talmud
  • Jews gather in synagogues and rabbi are their leaders
  • Some sects are Orthodox, Liberal, and Reform judaism
  • Jews celebrate Hanukkah along with passover and worship on Saturdays
  • Judaism has a holy book just like the other religions


  • The founder and main prophet of Islam is Muhammad and was founded near Mecca
  • The holy book is the Quran and Muslims worship in temples and mosques, the leaders are imam
  • Sunni and Shi'a is the division of Islam
  • Muslims celebrate and fast in the month of Ramadan, they also celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Eid ul Adha.
  • Muslims celebrate in temples
  • Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet


  • Jesus is the founder and main prophet of Christianity
  • Founded in Jerusalem
  • Christians worship in churches on Sundays and their leaders are the pope, bishops, and priests.
  • The holy book is the Bible
  • Some major sects of Christianity are Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Baptist
  • Some of the major celebrations of Christianity are Easter and Christmas
  • Christians believe in Moses just like Judaism and Islam


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