Drive ROI 3 tips to work smarter by standardizing your processes

Watch Promapp Webinar, https://pages.promapp.com/GBL-SCT-2018-02JEDunnWebinarRecording_LP-JEDunn.html

Watch the free webinar to find out how JE Dunn achieved process standardization across 20 locations with a new approach to business process management.

JE Dunn Construction is the 23rd largest domestic general building contractor in the United States, with offices in 20 locations. They were ranked 26th in Engineering News-Record's top 400 contractors in 2016 and reported to be the 136th largest private company in the US in 2017, in Forbes Magazine.

In 2016, JE Dunn decided to work with "Promapp" to simplify their business process documentation, management and optimization.

By using Promapp’s cloud-based process management software, the teams at JE Dunn now easily and consistently access their centralized set of processes. This has enabled them to remove waste and avoid rework resulting from errors. These value-added activities and opportunities for improvement (OFIs) are searchable, version controlled, and visually engaging.

Promapp, https://pages.promapp.com/GBL-SCT-2018-02JEDunnWebinarRecording_LP-JEDunn.html

Watch the webinar to get JE Dunn’s tips and hints on how to:

1. Make a start

Identify, prioritize and capture the most critical operational processes to reduce the amount of time it takes to see an improvement in the efficiency and execution of your processes. Make a start - and get the support of your leadership team for your process improvement efforts to stand the greatest chance of success.

JE Dunn was well-positioned to initiate a renewed focus on process improvement, thanks to the backing of their executive team. Says Matt Wendel, knowledge manager at JE Dunn:

"Leadership at JE Dunn recognized the need for reducing the burden placed on our front-line operators due to non-standard and outdated processes."
Promapp, https://pages.promapp.com/GBL-SCT-2018-02JEDunnWebinarRecording_LP-JEDunn.html

2. Empower front-line teams to build and manage processes

Knowledge manager at JE Dunn, Matt Spears reiterated a concern many of our clients voice about the importance of capturing critical IP that is stored in people’s heads.

With Promapp’s functionality, JE Dunn was assured of a different outcome, with Spears saying:

"We will be able to leverage the extensive knowledge held by our operators and continuously improve our processes."
Promapp, https://pages.promapp.com/GBL-SCT-2018-02JEDunnWebinarRecording_LP-JEDunn.html

3. Secure organizational support for the best chance of success

Despite having offices across 20 different locations, JE Dunn have a vision of understanding their clients’ purpose, goals and customers in order to deliver transformational solutions.

This requires them to communicate clearly and have all their teams on the same page. Promapp helped with that.

Promapp, https://pages.promapp.com/GBL-SCT-2018-02JEDunnWebinarRecording_LP-JEDunn.html
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