Being 15 in Australia BY: Maggie MIller COmp 9, 1st

Australia is one of the largest country's in the world. In Australia, there are more kangaroos than people. Australia is located in between the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific Ocean.

Life in Australia is very similar to the life in the United States. The life of a teenager in Australia is constrained. The teens in Australia live a constrained life because of the schools that the attend.

Most of the schools in Australia require a dress code. Also, instead if having summer off, they go all year round, with a couple of weeks for breaks in between. (Haugen)
In Australia, the life of a teenager is constrained, when they attend school. When they go to school, most schools require them to wear a uniform, making it so that they cant express themselves. The teenagers also go all year round, so they only have a couple of weeks as their summer. This shows how the teenagers in Australia are constrained when they attend school.
In Australia, the teenagers is also fun. Australia is fun, because the teenagers can play sports, or any other kind of outside activity. The teenagers can enjoy anything from rugby, to chess, to exploring the outback, and taking photographs of the amazing view.
One of the sports known in Australia is Rugby. Some teenagers who are brave enough will participate in the sport for one of their outside activities. Teenagers can also go explore the open outback. (Haugen)
Life as a teenager is fun for teenagers because of the outside activities they can partake in. When a teenager participates in a outside activity. Teenagers enjoy the activity the partake in, otherwise they wouldn't be apart of it.

In Australia, many kids play sports, or have a outside activity that will keep them occupied, and they can have fun at the same time. But, at the same time, the students are constrained, because they have to wear school uniforms, to school everyday.

Being a teenager in Australia is both constrained, yet fun at the same time. When teenagers attend school, they will usually have to wear a uniform, and attend school all year round. At the same time, teenagers have fun with all of the activities they can participate in. The teenagers can participate in anything they choose to, if their school allows it.

Empathy, is where you can feel the same thing as someone else. Empathy is a very important thing in our everyday lives.
When you see someone who is hurt, and you can feel the same thing, or something similar that is empathy. An example of this is when you see someone crying, and you feel bad, and maybe even start crying, that is empathy.
The example in the slide above, shows how most people feel empathy. When you feel something similar, or the same thing that is empathy. The example of this is when someone is crying you feel sad. If you feel the same thing then you are empathetic for that person.

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