Anxiety The silent killer

I never knew why I always felt sick at the thought of going to school. I never knew why I always felt awkward and uncomfortable around people and in public situations. I didn’t understand why I always felt so unsure of myself and how the people around me felt about me. I never understood why completing such simple things like asking a question in class or going to hang out with my friends or walking down the street was so difficult.

I never understood why i would, out of nowhere, burst into tears and nothing would calm me down.


It's always been there, through my younger years. Slight reluctance to engage with people and activities. High school was when it decided to rear it's ugly head.

I felt like I was out of control. I could not control my emotions, one minute I was happy and in control, and the next I was screaming and crying for what felt like, no justifiable reasonable.

I took a lot of time off of school because I think, school was my biggest anxiety trigger. People were horrible in High school. I don't think people really understand how much of a problem anxiety disorder is. I think that people dont care as much because it is not seen as being a serious medical condition that can harm and eventually kill you like Cancer, Diabetes or Heart Disease. But the truth is that anxiety disorder can kill you.

My parents could not take it anymore. They were walking on eggshells around me because I could just snap at any point and breakdown in to tears. I was taking out my anger, frustration and confusion on the people who cared most about me. My mum especially was the most hurt and worried about what was happening to me. She did everything in her power to help me, she sent me to counsellors and to therapy, and while that did work for a short period of time nothing really stuck.

"CrashCourse video explaining Anxiety Disorder."

How Anxiety can feel for many people.

What really helped me is that I was able to talk about how I was feeling and get the proper help. Talking to my GP and counsellors led me to the conclusion that I should be taking anti anxiety medication. Since doing so my anxiety and panic attacks are now few and far between.

Don't be anxious, take action.
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