To Kill a Mockingbird Morgan Biresch

Entry one: The lynch Mob

Perspective: Mr. Cunningham

Walking up to the Maycomb jail, I was prepared to be a part of the lynching of Tom Robinson. I was caught up in the mentality of the mob. In the moment, I wasn't even thinking of what I was doing. When the mob and I approached Atticus we were all determined to push Atticus out of there. When Atticus refused to move, it shocked us all because we thought we would scare him off. Then Scout, her brother and a friend arrived. Atticus was unhappy too see the kids, he almost looked scared for a moment. Atticus insisted that Jem takes the kids home, but he fought back. Most of us were pretty drunk then and these drunk guys did what they wanted to do. One man grabbed Jem as if he was going to take him out of there. That didn't work at all. Scout kicks the fella and then she recognizes me. She started to ask about my entitlement and tells me to say hi to Walter, my son. In this moment I was drawled out of my mentality and knew then I was doing wrong. I didn't answer for quite a while until I had the courage to tell her I will give the message to Walter. Scout being the same age as my Walter made want to leave. I told the rest of the guys we had to go, this was not the time to perform such an act to Tom.

Entry Two: Miss Maudies Fire

Perspective: Miss Maudie

I woke up in the middle of the night to smoke surrounding my room. I rushed outside to see my neighbors already standing there. Atticus, Mr. Avery and other men of Maycomb rapidly ran to help by getting all the furniture out of my house. After a little bit, my house was already in flames, crumbling down to the ground. When the fire truck showed up my house we pretty beat up. It was almost dawn by the time the fire trucks left. I was grateful for all the people who came to help me out. This showed me how my community comes together. A little after the fire was out, Jem asked me if I was grieving and honestly I am not even that upset. All of the things that I lost were just possessions that I can replace. My house was old and run down, I just want to restart my house. I could make a nice new yard; it will be the finest yard in Alabama! I am just happy that no one got hurt especially Mr. Avery. He was coming very close to being stuck. Life will go on without that house!

Entry Three: ol' One shot

Perspective: Atticus

I never wanted the kids to know about my past at being a skilled shooter. I have my reason behind why. I don't like the idea of killing any living things. My gift to shoot has an unfair advantage over living things. There was no reason to bring up the past, that I am now done with. The kids never knew about my skills until the day Tim Johnson, a dog, went mad. I was called by Cal to come and take care of this dog. I got home to see this dog was actually crazy. I was not going to be the one to shoot the dog, I was going to let Heck Tate do it. Heck Tate doesn't have the best shot and he didn't want to hit anything else, so I took over. I took the gun, aimed and fired. Tim the dog was dead. This is my unfair advantage over living things, killing them with one shot. I told myself to never shoot unless I had to and I felt as if this was a necessary time.

ENtry Four: Mrs. Dubose Flowers

Perspective: Mrs. Dubose

Jem ruining my flowers was almost like a positive thing for those kids to do. It brought an opportunity to help me distract myself from the pain I was in. Having Jem and Scout read to me took my mind off of my addiction to morphine. Atticus came up with the idea of having Jem read to me. It wouldn't have been my first choice of a plan, but it did end up working. Listening to Jem's voice as I sat with my eyes close, made time go by a little faster as I was waiting for my dose of morphine I could have next. We are towards the end of the month, and the time on my alarm clock gets pushed back each day. I am successful in lasting these awful amount of time, but it will all work out in the end. I do not want to end my last months of being alive being an addict. I am happy to have those kids around to get me through it.

Reflection: I truly enjoyed working on this project. This project helped me to bring out my little creative side I have. It was fun to me to make up things other than just writing how I feel or how to persuade someone. I learned how to put myself in other characters’ minds, not just in Scouts mind. I had to look deep into the scene and write it out in a way that I didn’t read it. I believe Mr. Crooke made us do this project was based off of the quote, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view"? This was said by Atticus to Scout when she said Miss Caroline was rude to Scout. I think this project ties in with this quote because we had to put ourselves into the minds of another character to fully understand how these characters think.

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