Preparing for Your Newborn Session with TCJ DESIGN

The age of your baby matters.

The ideal age for newborn sessions is between days FIVE and TWELVE days old; that said, I've photographed newborns up to three weeks old. The older the baby is, the harder it is to do traditional portraits; that said, if your baby is early, then often the baby will not act his or her true age for a bit, so in these cases, I schedule them as soon as your baby is out of the NICU.

Where do we hold the session?

Newborn sessions are held in your home. I'll try to use natural light as much as possible. I'll open every window and blind in the rooms where we're shooting, so be prepared! Typically, most clients have me shoot in their bedrooms, in the nursery, and in their main living space, so it's good to have those areas clean of clutter.

What does a lifestyle and portrait newborn session mean?

It means that I'll do a combination of solo portraits of the baby (as long as he or she cooperates) and get images of you, your spouse, and any children or fur babies you want included. I've also had sessions that include extended family, including grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. There is an additional charge for anyone outside of your household. Inquire if you want to add this option!

I have a lot of wraps, baskets, a small crib, fillers, headbands, hats, and a few outfits I can bring with me on the day of your session. It's kind of fun being creative and creating a unique combination for your baby. I LOVE using personalized items and weaving those into your sessions, too!

The Day of Your Session

Typically, I start with the solo portraits of your baby when I arrive, and then I do the family and lifestyle portion. You can help to make the solo portraits a success.

  1. Have the house a bit warmer than you normally would... that will keep the baby sleepy and help him stay comfortable during the session.
  2. If you have a white noise machine, have it out so we can have it going during the session; if you don’t have one, then I have an app on my phone if we need it.
  3. Feed the baby immediately before the arrival time. This helps save time and keeps the baby sleepy.
  4. I usually go where you have pretty hardwood for these, but I can use carpet underneath, too. I have flooring I can layout if needed; if you don't love your floors, ask! Mine are gorgeous, but I won't bring it if you don't ask.
  5. After the solos, we'll do family photos. I typically get the baby with mom, with dad, with them together, with siblings individually and together, and with the entire family. If you have a special combination you want, just ask!
  6. The sessions do allow enough time to do feedings and diaper changes. Just know those are built in!

Covid Precautions

  1. I have been vaccinated fully. I received my second shot in February of 2021.
  2. If parents want to, I'll share a link to wrapping tutorials and let them handle all wrapping of their child.
  3. I will wear a mask the entire time I am around your family. I'll wash my hands as soon as I've unloaded my gear.
  4. Everything is sanitized between sessions.
  5. I will be transparent about my health and the health of my family.

Sample Portraits

Here's an idea of what I have as far as wraps, baskets, and fillers.

Military and First Responders

I LOVE weaving in your service to our sessions. I have lot of clients who serve, so see the collage below for some ideas!

Sibling Inspiration

Generally, I get a lot of siblings when the baby is being fed or changed! So expect some solos of your big kids or fur babies in your gallery!

Lifestyle Inspiration

Lifestyle images are a mix of posed and unposed sessions in your home.


All Photos are by Teresa C Jackson of TCJ Design