Eat Less Meat Reducing our Demand

Red meat production produces significantly more greenhouse gas emissions than the production of chicken meat, fruit, vegetables and cereals.

To keep up with a large demand for beef products, farming methods have been compromised.

Around 30% of the world's land area is used for livestock production, and it is one of the key reasons for cutting down forests.

If you google Ethical Meat NZ, you will see some excellent options. You may already know someone to go in on a beast with and stock your freezer, you may know someone who hunts!

Our digestion is best served when we reduce the amount of meat we eat.

When we eat a plant based diet, we have direct access to the phytonutrients in plants, for energy and wellbeing.

If you research well, you will find that many of the planet's peoples eat very little meat.

Basing your meals on vegetables and pulses, has a direct impact on your health.

It makes for vibrant, nourishing eating. With a low carbon footprint.

Our health is directly related to the health of the soil.

Our food needs to be grown in soil, rich in minerals and nutrients, naturally derived - not added by chemicals and fertilisers.

Essentially we need to grow soil...follow the link to watch the full Country Calender episode about Linnburn Station.

Healthy soil - Healthy plants - Healthy people

Food grown in healthy soil is full of minerals that are building blocks for our wellbeing.

There is so much locally grown goodness, no shortage of bulk bin stores for staples such pulses, rice.

Check out the Meat Free Monday NZ website for inspiration

'Oh She Glows' and similar websites are soooo yummy to browse and inspire too.

Consider what environmental benefits and health benefits there are when we eat ethically grown food.

Our children are worth the effort!

Take the opportunity of this time to reset your percieved normal.

Rod Oram of Regenerative Futures says: Nature’s rebound is one of the upsides of the otherwise calamitous Covid-19 crisis. Atmosphere and waters cleared, the land quietened, and birds, fish and animals returned. When we took our foot off the neck of nature, she responded with renewed vigour and resilience. But we gave nature only a temporary reprieve while lockdown lasted.

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What is your next step forward?

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