Race Highlights APRIL 2018

The April Race Weekend featured the Mansell (C) 3.4-mile course. On Friday, drivers battled powerful winds but were rewarded with some amazing weather for Saturday’s races. It was great to welcome back familiar faces including Nick Kelly (LSR3) and Andy Kern (Lotus). It was also great to see Andy Weiss competing with the Miata group, Monica Carlson in the LSR3 Radicals and Alex Motola and Kevin Hill in the MX5 class. We also want to send a special congratulation to Ron Eckhardt who set a new LSR2 record on the Mansell C configuration! Eckhardt’s Friday qualifying time of 2:10.731 beat previous record of 2:11.596 set by Bruce Jones.

The Sports Car race was exciting as always. Friday was Steve Hardie’s second race in the MX5 class and he took the second place podium position. Congratulations Steve! On Saturday, Steve continued his impressive run by leading a 4-car battle with Alex Motola, Randall Sechrest and Kevin Hill. Unfortunately, Hardie went off in 5B and lost his position in the battle.

Saturday’s race saw an increase in participation in the challenging Lotus class. Our 5 Lotus pilots put on an exciting, clean race. We look forward to next months Lotus race!

We had a good turnout in the LSR Division. It was exciting to see Monica Carlson give the boys a run for their money during Saturday’s race! On Saturday, Doug Ramirez had an impressive run! Doug started in the back of the pack and methodically worked his way to the front to challenge Denis O’Leary, Gerhard Watzinger and Ron Eckhardt for P1. Ramirez ultimately finished on the top step of the LSR1 podium. It was one of the most impressive drives of the year! Awesome job Doug!

There was excitement throughout the grid. Jon Hirshberg, who was sporting his new Radical RSX, had Monica Carlson right behind him with Sean Mason and Gerry Shear close behind. There were great battles all around track this weekend.

Light Sport Racer


  • LSR1: 1st Doug Ramirez, 2nd Denis O'Leary and 3rd Gerhard Watzinger
  • LSR2: 1st Ron Eckhardt and 2nd Bruce Jones
  • LSR3: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Mitch Bishop and 3rd Alain Derzie
  • LSRR: 1st Jon Hirshberg, 2nd Sean Mason and 3rd Jim Mason


  • LSR1: 1st Doug Ramirez and 2nd Gerhard Watzinger
  • LSR2: 1st Ron Eckhardt
  • LSR3: 1st Mitch Bishop, 2nd Nick Kelly and 3rd Alain Derzie
  • LSRR: 1st Jon Hirshberg, 2nd Jim Mason and 3rd Sean Mason



  • Miata: 1st Michael Lorenz, 2nd Andy Weiss and 3rd Ron Fletcher
  • MX5: 1st Teddy Landau, 2nd Steve Hardie and 3rd Randale Sechrest


  • Miata: 1st Michael Lorenz and 2nd Andy Weiss
  • MX5: 1st Teddy Landau, 2nd Gerry Shear and 3rd Randale Sechrest


Friday: 1st Mike Dean and 2nd Cam Lancaster

Saturday: 1st Andy Kern, 2nd Thomas MacMillan and 3rd Jack Fried

Sports Car Invitational

We are looking forward to the Sports Car Invitational on May 4th, 5th & 6th and hope you are too! Do not forget to register for this special event and invite your friends.

Next Race Weekend

Your May Race weekend will be held on the 18th and 19th and will be run on the Andretti (B) 4-mile configuration. Don’t forget to RSVP and we’ll see you at the track!

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