Sui Dynasty Its greatest contributions

The Sui Dynasty is a period of time that was very memorable. It mostly had everything you were looking for in a Dynasty. It had Politics, Economy, Religion, Social, Intellectual, and Architecture.

Architecture Ranking #1

Why: The Architecture in the Sui dynasty was very interesting. There was very small bits of it. when it came up it was exciting. It did have to take the Architecture to make the grand canal. And the canal was a very big part in Chinese history. “Emperor Yang led a luxurious and corrupt life. Upon gaining the throne, he employed two million laborers to build the second capital city of Luoyang and was even reputed to have cruised along the river in a large dragon ship, with thousands of ships following in attendance.”

Economy Ranking #2

Why: There was trade between north and south china. This was because of the grand Architecture of the grand canal. They traded food and clothes.

Politics Ranking #3

Religion Ranking #4

Why: Yes there was religion but it isn't really mentioned in documentaries and books. It is more like a not talked about thing that people know about. That's why I gave it such a low ranking.

Social Ranking #5

Why: There was social interactions between the north and south china. But other than trade nothing really happened. There was a mostly a hateful relationship because of the man emperor. “They built the granaries around the capitols and they were made to supply the Sui people with a cheap and stable supply of food. The Sui seemed advanced because they had ways to make their food better and more nutritional."

Intellectual Ranking #1

Although there was many achviements

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