Nature Activity at FLMNH allyson leff

The exhibit that was most interesting to me was the butterfly exhibit. I really enjoyed how there was a clear path through the entire exhibit showing you exactly where to go to get the best look at the butterflies and have the best experience possible. The small and confined area that this exhibit was in was appealing to me because it made me feel as though I was one with nature because of all of the trees, flowers, and butterflies surrounding me at all times. I learned a lot about butterflies that I would never have learned without going to this exhibit. I found out about all the different types of butterflies and where they are from which was interesting to me. The most enjoyable part of my entire experience was the way the exhibit was set up to make me really feel like I was involved, in the heart of nature, and the home to many butterflies.

The Natural History Museum did provide me with the opportunity to experience nature in the way that Leopold recommends. Walking through the exhibit a couple of times made me feel a part of the "biotic community" more than I would have if I was walking anywhere on a normal day. It allowed me to feel small in nature where I usually feel as though we are the "conquers of the land". At the butterfly exhibit, being surrounded by so many trees and butterflies, I felt like I was in the home of the butterflies instead of the butterflies being in my home. Other people reacted differently to this exhibit because of the overwhelming amount of butterflies flying. But in fact, that it was made me appreciate this exhibit the most. The Natural History Museum allows visitors to connect with nature in the best way possible by placing us inside of it. After my experience at the museum, I now feel like I have an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines. I now view nature and all of its elements very differently and have learned to appreciate it much more.

I agree with Heschel in that it is important to take time in our daily lives to connect to the eternal so that we can recognize the mystery and majesty of the universe. The Natural History Museum helped me step out of my ordinary life by placing me in an environment that I was not sure I would be comfortable in. That experience helped me not only appreciate nature so much more, but took me out of my comfort zone only to open my eyes and see nature for what it really is. After the experience I had at the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum, I know feel like a better person who had a more developed view on nature now.


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