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Introduction Earvin Johnson Jr. was born on August 14th, 1959. Earvin ¨Magic¨ Johnson was an NBA basketball player. He played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won 5 NBA Championships. He was also a 12-time NBA All-Star, along with being inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

Magic Johnson's major NBA career accomplishments: 5x NBA Champion, 3x NBA Finals MVP, 12x NBA All-Star, member of the Dream Team, USA Olympic Gold Medalist, and inducted into the Basketball Hall of of Fame in 2002.

Magic Johnson was one of the greatest basketball players of his time, but in 1991, he shocked the nation when announced that he was HIV+

Magic Johnson said during his speech that the fact that he was HIV positive does not mean that he wasent going to stop doing the things he loves to do, which is basketball. Unfortunately, he had to retire from his basketball career when he found out, but this was still not going to keep him from working with the NBA and reaching out to his fans. He would still stay with basketball, as he is now the current President of Basketball Operations of the team he played for, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Currently still active in the NBA, as the President of Basketball Operartions of the Los Angeles Lakers.

As he said in his HIV announcement in 1991, Johnson decided to become a spokesperson for young people. He wanted them to know that they can have safe sex, without contacting the HIV virus. Johnson knew he had to stay away from basketball, as his physician advised him as well. Magic's wife, Cookie, and their unborn child were tested negative. But Johnson made the decision to retire from basketball and dedicate his life to fighting the HIV virus. Magic said to the nation that he was going to beat it, and nothing will stop him from doing so. Because of this message, he was very well praised by his doctors and activists.

From the New York Daily News: Magic Johnson tells everybody that he is going to beat the HIV Virus.

Though going on living his life, it must have been hard for Magic Johnson knowing he was HIV positive. It was considered one of the seventh most memorable moment at the time over the past 25 years. As quoted by President George H. W. Bush, "Magic Johnson is a hero, a hero for anyone who loves sports." He was a perfect example for young people to look up to, especially for those people who may have this disease, and have loved sports.

Magic Johnson talking about the day he found out he was HIV+

Magic Johnson was considered a hero by many people because of the way he handled his situation. Instead of doing nothing to solve his problem, he has fought the virus by speaking out to young people to inspire them and make sure that they have safe sex to avoid contracting the HIV virus like Magic did. Magic Johnson was a hero in his huge basketball moments, but an even bigger hero with the HIV virus.

Magic Johnson was an amazing basketball player throughout his NBA career.

He had many tricks around the basket as a player.

He ended up playing on perhaps the greatest basketball team to ever play basketball when team U.S.A played at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, despite retiring a year before.

But Magic Johnson had his shortfall when he was contracted of theHIV, as he tested positive.

The nation was stunned by his announcement in 1991, but praised him for doing so.

Magic did not back down at all, as he had all the hope in the world that he would be around for a long time.

Magic Johnson made it his goal the rest of his life to help young people stay safe from this disease and have safe sex.

He developed numerous foundations in support for the cause.

Johnson stayed at his word as he is still fighting the disease. He is currently still in a position in the NBA as he is the president of basketball operations of his former team.

For that, Magic Johnson has always been considered a sports hero figure for all young people to look up to. Not just as a sports hero, but also as a HIV fighter as well.

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