Introduction to Art Becca Kudirka

I took Intro to Art because art is something that I have always enjoyed doing and I think by taking this class I have and still am learning new and better techniques and ways to improve as an artist. I expected art to be super free and to be able to make my own choices but even though I get to do that I learned that there are some rules you should follow to improve your work to make yourself a better artist.

The 1st two pictures show positive and negative space. The picture of my hand shows edges and contour. The next photo of all three objects shows lights and shadows; and the one of the corner wall shows proportions. I think I learned most from relationships and proportions because knowing how to measure out different objects or certain things when making art really can help bring your piece to life more and make it look more realistic.

My drawing skills for me I feel like have definitely improved over the last few months. I feel like I've improved on being able to draw things more realistically for instance like this profile drawing I did of a friend in my class.

Another example would be this hand that I drew because since this was one of the first projects we did, I felt like I really knew what I was doing and actually felt like a real artists after I was done.

This photo of these objects in the background for me really tells me that I have improved on getting things proportionally correct and can really make something look better by getting the right measurements.

I think this piece of art that I have done shows the use of chiaroscuro which means the use of lights or darks to create an illusion. I think I used it in my lips well.
Out of these 4 projects, this is where I see the most I provement. From left to right these are the first projects I have done compared to the second time through that I tried a portrait drawing and a hand drawing. The areas that have most improvement in my portrait drawing are smoothing edges out and shading ingeneral.
Out of these, I wish I could redo or have more time on them. The first one I would redo the face shape and shading and the second one I would redo the whole thing because my shape is off and the angle needs to be fixed.

I have seen the most improvement in the areas of my drawing ability and my attitude and problem solving when I take on the challenge of a new art project. A specific example would be this cross hatching project we just did. I didn't think I was good at cross hatching but I didn't have a bad attitude about it and when I messed up I problem solved and ended up fixing it and it worked out good. Since I have a better grasp on all the concepts and strategies I've improved on my drawing ability and because of this I have had a better attitude.

Semester 2
In 2nd semester, the project I learned most from was the clay trivets we made. I know my piece didn't have the best outcome, but I learned a lot about how to cut, wedge, level, and paint with glaze on clay. I also learned how to blend colors quickly with the gloss and how many coats to use. The experience of working with clay was fun but challenging at the same time and you have to learn to problem solve when things go wrong.

In the last half of my intro to art class, we focused on multiple projects that dealt with the color theory. I learned what colors compliment eachother, how to mix tints and shades, I learned about the value or intensities of colors, and analogous colors as well. Lastly I learned how to blend colors for smooth gradations. I also learned that you have to pick colors that are next to eachother on the color wheel or else they won't blend or mix to be a good color other than brown. The first piece above was made with tempera paint and we only had the three primary colors to start with. You had to make sure you didn't put colors next to eachother that wouldn't blend well. The 2nd piece had the same idea; you had to use colors that are next to eachother on the color wheel. I also had to learn how to roll the inc out on the bench hook so it made smooth gradations when I rolled it onto my mat for a print.

One technique I feel like I mastered pretty well would have to be water color techniques. The picture in the background is a watercolor project that I recently did and I feel like I got smooth and gentle blends of the colors and added the right amount of water to my paint and did each technique well on the practice paper we got.

One technique I feel like I didn't master was oil pastels and blending with them. The picture in the background is of my oil pastel project that I recently did and I had trouble blending. In some spots I blended too much which just kept taking off the pastel layers more and more. I had some rough edges and making things smooth with no white blotches was hard for me as well.

In this semester I have improved on my creativity and attitude in art class. In class I'm more open to stepping outside of the regular usual things I do and trying something different in my work. My attitude has changed from I can't to I can and this helped improve my work overall because even if a certain task was hard, I completed it no matter what the outcome looked like. I also feel like my designs have gotten better and are more creative now as well. In all three pieces above, I've tried my best to be more creative and I kept a positive attitude while doing so. In the glass pieces, I felt creative and I made a design that I thought was unique. Lastly even though my chalk pastel piece didn't turn out as well, I still feel like I kept a good attitude throughout the whole project.

What I have learned about myself as an artist this year:

This year while taking intro to art I learned that as an artist myself I have become more opened to trying new things or techniques to make my pieces better. I have also learned about how creative I can be and that if I push myself to try my hardest, the outcome of my artwork is better. I also learned that art takes thinking and planning and you can't always jump right in when you want to get the job done. I've also had to be patient with myself and what I'm working with in order to get the best outcome. Lastly I learned that there are no limits when creating a new artwork and that I am stronger in my knowledge of processes and techniques we use in everyday art class and my attitude improved.

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