Mario bryant Official Press Kit

2019 concert

"the best live music in the night" MAY 18TH, 2019 • FORUM THEATRE• 5:30PM •YORBA LINDA, CA

In 2018, Mario held his first sold out concert, 'This is Mario' in Yorba Linda. The 2019 concert, "This is Mario 2" will be held in the same city, May 18th 2019 and anticipated to sell out as well. Multiple genres: opera, country, pop and more.

OCTOBER: Intimate Night with Mario

DECEMBER: Christmas with Mario

ABOUT mario

Mario Bryant is a rising American popera star. His eclectic style reflects a diversity of influences, from the Clark Sisters (gospel) to Stevie Wonder (pop, R&B) to Pavarotti (opera). In fact, Mario’s rendition of Pavarotti's signature piece, 'O Sole Mio' has been widely hailed.

Mario was first exposed to music as a child in Cerritos, California, a multicultural city in the heart of the greater Los Angeles/Orange County region. By the age of four he was already singing in his church choir. At home, young Mario would press the keys of his father’s typewriter, pretending to play the piano. His instincts were right, he just needed the right instrument!

It wasn't until high school that he realized he had talent, urged on by his performing arts teacher. While it would have been easy to become a hip hop or rap artist, Mario wisely listened to his teacher and close friends. They influenced him to use his music to reach out to the world (not just one race or culture).

"He could -- and expertly does -- combine pop and opera in a style that’s uniquely Mario"

  • To date, Mario's musical accomplishments include:
  • Performing in concert with the legendary songwriter/producer David Foster
  • Won the Steve Harvey musical contest
  • National Anthem for NASCAR, Route 66, Angels, Dodgers, City of Hope, Ducks, L.A Lakers, Stater Brothers.
  • Performances for multiple Corporate events
  • Released his single, "Beginning of My End"

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