Take a Profile or Avatar Photograph Week 1

Your first warm up assignment to learn the procedure for submitting your photographs.

Photograph yourself for your profile or avatar photograph to be used on Canvas. Submit your image to the drop box which is explained below. If you already have a profile image on Canvas please take another to submit to the drop box. It is to your benefit to learn the procedure for submitting images. If you have a problem submitting images with this assignment you WILL NOT lose points because this assignment has no points. Next week when your assignment will be worth 100 points. It would be best to know how to submit images before then so you do not lose points. If you have a DSLR follow the directions below. If you are using a smartphone or tablet your Date and Time should already be set.


  • Please set your date and time correctly on your device.
  • If date and time are not set correctly you will not receive assignment points.
  • Your camera has a clock and calendar in it. Every time you take a picture, the date and time are stored in the resulting image file. This can be really handy and I require that you camera metadata is visible.
  • To change the date and time turn on your camera. Press the MENU button. Select ‘Tools’, which is usually represented by a wrench or hammer symbol. Select ‘Time/ Date’ the symbol is usually a clock. Once you set the correct date and time press the ‘set button’ to apply the new data. If you are using a smart phone the date and time should already be set.


Most media cards come already formatted, but it is a good idea to format a new card. You will use your camera’s Format command any time you want to erase the card. After you have pulled your images into your computer, you will need to put the card back into the camera and format it. This is very important that you choose Format rather than Erase All function. Repeated use of Erase All can leave your card unreliable and result in you being unable to get the images off your card.


  • Choose file format JPEG.
  • The best workflow is to always shoot in RAW file format. A RAW file is like undeveloped film. The photographer can process and extract the best possible image quality from it.
  • JPEG files are lossy format, meaning it creates smaller file sizes by simply eliminating some data. The files are compressed. If you shoot in RAW for class you will need to convert to a JPEG to submit it. Reason being JPEG files take up less room. RAW files are large and take longer to download. For class a JPEG file no smaller than 1 megabyte is please.
  • Upload your image to the avatar area in Canvas. Instructions in link below.
  • Do not submit photographs done in class for assignments to Canvas. They are always submitted to the drop box for this class.
  • Upload you image to the drop box. Link provided below.
  • This is due Sunday by midnight.

Watch the video above.

  1. Plug in your camera, phone or tablet to your computer.
  2. If you are using a digital card you remove the card from the camera and place it into a card reader with a USB port and upload your images to your desktop.
  3. Open your images on your computer desktop.
  4. Review images and decide on your choice.
  5. Click on the file you are going to submit
  6. Rename the file by attaching your last name_first initial_file number.jpg
  7. Do not remove the original file number from the file or the file extension.
  8. Then open the drop box link.
  9. Drag your file to the drop box
  10. You will be prompted to type in a description. Type "Profile Image."
  11. Then click and you will see a progress bar. When the bar is done your upload is complete.
  12. If you do not see a progress bar your image did not drop in. Make sure you have a current version of flash and a current browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Internet Explorer does not work.
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