Of Mice and Men Cristina and thomas

  1. Migrant workers
  2. work on land
  3. during 30's: 3 million
  4. 40's were mostly out of countries

Historian 1. The great depression was the largest depression across America. 1930’s. The Dust bowl. 1939.

Tenant farmer- described as a type of farmer. Specifically seen in harder times of cropping. Most farmers fell into debt. Farmers could choose what they wanted to plant but had to give the landowner a profit of the crop.

Historian 2. Black Thursday was a day when the stock market collapsed.

Are there migrant workers today? Yes, usually we call these people "seasonal workers" Generally these people don't have much education.

Historian 3. The great depression caused a stock market crash that went world wide.

Historian 4. They sent money

Historian 5. Providing jobs and establishing a new swift economy. President Roosevelt created it.

Historian 6. People stood down town in poverty and looked at the storm just devastated. This caused the people to need jobs because it destroyed homes, and work places. They were all living in poverty and every night they had to turn everything upside down on dinner tables and had to cover everything up with blankets or cloths too keep dust off.

Historian 7.

Migrant workers are people who work on land for a season or all year around. During

the 30’s there was more 3 millions of these migrant workers. Later in the 40’s most migrants were from out of countries.

Tenant farmers were a type of farmers. They were mostly commonly seen in the hard

times of the cropping, meaning when weather was extreme or when the value of crops were falling or low. Most tenant farmers fell into debt but those who did survive fought for independence. These farmers got to choose what kind of crop they wanted and could sell and that crop was theirs however they are farming on land of an owner so they basically took a share from the farmer of his profit or crop.

Yes there are migrant workers today, we usually call these people “seasonal workers”.

It's not just in the farming industry its in many of different things. Most of the time these jobs don’t require much education and generally these workers tend to be Latino with little to no knowledge of english.

Yes, tenant farming still does exsite. Mostly in undeveloped countries you may see this but

It is rare however it doesn't mean it doesn’t still exist

4. Many people chose California because they heard of the orchards and the lushes farming and they thought that they could either get a job picking or become a tenant farmer.

5. Living conditions for these migrant workers were brutally and nothing like the dream or plan they had in mind. They got paid very little to begin with then feeding themselves and their families were definitely a challenge. Sometime farmers would use old chicken coops or outbuilding to somehow find a living space for themselves.

6.Mostly mexican migrants were struggling because they got deported. Evon some americans got deported just on the thought that they might be mexican. Also most mexicans gt deported but higher rate was if you lived/worked on a farm.

7. The dust bowl was the cause of irresponsible farming but at that time they did not know therefore it was unknown. However the Dust bowl started by not enough water but we couldn’t control that. Then also it was because farmers had soaked up all the nutrients in the soil. The dust bowl also effect migrant farmer because it cause some of the greatest land that was used for farming to because shrivled up and die. Causing poverty to become a very common thing. Granted it was during the 30’s but if farming was one of our economic boosters then we just lost some of our major funding.

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