Platform Games

Key Features: Most platform games consist of jumping, running or climbing, where the player moves from one platform to another in order to achieve the goal. These games usually have 2 dimensional graphics, which the background scrolls when the player moves.

Examples of Platform Games: Super Mario(series), Donkey Kong(series), Kirby(series), Sonic the Hedgehog(series), Tamogotchi(series), Strider, Turrican, Princess of Persia, Pacman Runworld (series), Oddworld, Gex(series), God of War(series), Castlevania, Pitfall!, Gamastura, Flashback, Cave Story, Icy Tower, Stick and Soldiers, Chuckie Egg and Jetpack

Donkey Kong was founded in 1981 by Shigeru Miyamoto and assigned by Nintendo. It was an arcade game and the objective of the game was to move along the support beams of the construction site, while avoiding barriers. When the original game came out it was very popular, becoming one of the best selling games in the early 1980s. Then 3 years later Donkey Kong Jr was then released in 1983 and it was made for a Nintendo. The objective was for Donkey Kong Junior to save his father while trying to get to the top of the screen without touching the electric wires. Donkey Kong II was similar to Donkey Kong Jr. In 1986 Donkey Kong 3 was developed for the computer, arcade and for the Nintendo DS and it followed the objective of the first 2 games. Donkey Kong was then was made for other devices like the game boy. Donkey Kong was then mad into a series called Donkey Kong Country series and it was released in 1994. Another version of the game was made called the Donkey Kong Land Series.

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