P211.T45 the Secret book of clemson

Today, January 28th, 2016, I discovered a part of Clemson I never knew existed. It is also likely I would never have known about it without the urging of my English professor, Brian Gaines.

6 God

The first step in finding the book is to find the silo that contains the call number for the book. This silo is located on Clemson's campus, and that is about all I want to share about it in order to stay sporting. After finding this, the book itself is pretty easy to find.

THE book that brought a weekend of struggle

The book itself is nothing spectacular on the outside, but the inside is what makes the book special. once again, For the sake of the fun, I won't reveal much detail as to what is on the inside, go see for yourself.

The most apparent of the rhetorical strategies is the visual aspect. The minute you begin your search, this plays a part, from locating the silo that contains the big clue to when you open the book itself and see all the things contained within it's pages. The second most used strategy is the written type, and once again it is what is contained in the book that proves this is true.

Overall, I think the book can go one of two ways for someone. For some, it can be just another bygone tradition that is ridiculous to follow. For others, it can be a way of connecting with those that have come before as well as those that will follow.


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