Praising a Woman of Excellence A Tribute to Barbara Jean Souders

The inside cover
First thoughts by Barbara's son Scott
Daughter Trish shares her memories and appreciation for Barbara.
Brandt McIlwaine, Barbara's grandson, and his father Jeff (Trish's family) share their love for Barbara.
Riley, Trish and Jeff's youngest, shares his memory of his grandma at Mote Marine Laboratories. Barbara had a pass to the local laboratory and was able to take guests for tours of the facility.
Megan, Trish and Jeff's oldest child, shares a story here that she still tells people today.
Laura, Sara's middle child and only daughter, is the redhead in this drawing. Her "almost always" is because we also vacationed at beaches other than the ones near where Barbara lived. Sara is Barbara's youngest child.
Cyndi is Barbara's oldest child, mother of four stepchildren and four biological children.
Hannah is Cyndi's youngest child. Her oldest biological child is Tal Reeve.
Sarah Hill is Cyndi's oldest biological daughter.
Shelby is Cyndi's second youngest biological daughter. Dixie is married to Jack, Barbara's eldest son.
Jack has one biological son and three stepchildren he has raised with Dixie.
Adam loved drinking cranberry juice -- usually diluted with seltzer water -- at Grammy's house. He called it "Grammy Juice."

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