1 Year In Colorado ...it was a busy year

I have officially lived in Colorado for a year now. I love it out here. I am living with Acai and he hasn't killed me yet and I haven't killed him yet with my cooking! Hoooray. Thank you Acai for making my life-long goal so easy on me. You are a great friend and I hope I am half as good of a friend to you. Your family has been awesome to me and I am glad to get to know them. They make the holidays less lonely.

My first fursuit photos in the house with Acai, Billy and Fuskerz

And to all the people I've met and made friends with here, thank you! The quality of friendship and life is much better in Colorado and I can't thank you all enough. I hope I have not made quality of life dwindle too much! It is my first time having 'furry' in my every day life. Back in Florida it was a lot of hanging out with non-furs. This is a change for me!

Recap of what I've done:

  1. I've started a movie night that now has 30 some odd people every other Wednesday and people seem to enjoy it
  2. I've been hiking at 16k elevation
  3. Fursuited on/ontop Mt Evans
  4. White Water Rafting ("Suns out guns out!")
  5. Steadily lifting weights all year
  6. Camped for the first time ever (it snowed)
  7. Snowboard for an entire season (I didn't die)
  8. Got my motorcycle license (no bike yet)
  9. Broadening my cooking skills (Still terrible)
  10. Lived with Acai and he hasn't killed me yet (first time having a roomie since college)
  11. Joined a soccer team and placed second (should have been first!)
  12. Joined a tennis league. A lot of great players. Haven't started yet but excited to do so
  13. White-knuckled drove in scary weather conditions to Steamboat
  14. Drove my car through not-plowed streets of snow
  15. Went to CO Avs game (one of the few games they won)
  16. Went to CO Rapids game (they tied)
  17. First gay bar (bear bar, Fox Trot)
  18. I played soccer golf for the first time (and won)
  19. I had to file state tax for the first time

Enjoy the photos and videos :-) Randomly selected

Unfinished basement (movie night room and the place I spend most of my time xD)
White Water Rafting (Loomy: "Suns out guns out")
My car's first snow day.
Mt Evans Fursuiting with Nbowa
Mt Evans Fursuiting with Nbowa
Mt Evans with Nbowa
Mountain sheep coming up to me and Nbowa in my car
Demon Horse at Denver Airport (been there many many times now)
Camping with Kiyote and other friends!
Red Rocks Fursuiting with Moonblaze and Ferric (made a sticker in 1 hour from phone in car)
CO Avs Game (one of the few games they won)
Nunununu eating at hockey game
Churchill riding a motorbike
CO Rapids game with Express, Tuaolo, Whitey and Bear
Express starting his transformation...
...Express transformed!
Tuaolo ruining the magic to drive to Fairplay (Southpark)
In Fairplay (Southpark) with Loomy, Tuaolo and a crazy Aussie Dingo
Giggling down Giggle Gulch at Steamboat with Ferric, Moonblaze and Express
Debut at Rrruff's movie night! Tuaolo's fursuit.
Nitro probably drunk... we played lots of uno. I won.
Fursuit miniature golfing
Made beef jerky (Thanks Tuaolo for teaching me!)
Hitting the slopes with Express, Snow (I SAID IT RIGHT!), Nitro and Mavi
Furry Ski Weekend <3 Thanks to Lansair for the awesome photo. Thanks to Tek/Dire/Tuaolo for setting FSW up
Furry Ski Weekend <3 Awesome Photo Loomy
CO Orchestra: Tribute to Comic Con -- Some dressed up as super heros/video game characters. They were playing Jurassic Park so the Conductor dressed up in T-rex costume
Foxes being Foxes

Hope you enjoyed the photos! <3 you all.

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Rrruff Arrooo

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