Black Diamond Addison, Jaron,matthew

The type of government we have decided to have is a democracy. The rules we created for our utopian society is: 1.You can only have up to 5 children. 2. You have to work to RECEIVE food. 3. There is only 2 genders allowed in this society. 4. You have pay money every month to stay at the society. 5. If you break these rules you will be put in prison underground. 6. No vegans. 7. No murder, assault, or violence. Those are just some of the rules we choose to share.

SO, for our education we decided to only have school for 3 days and only until the 12th grade. Depending on how many people are in the community with kids, the school will most likely be not very BIG. they will only learn minimal math and language arts but mainly pe. schools will probably be the same as it is now with less hours and less subjects to learn.

Families in our communities will be birth parents as the parents of the children. Some of the families will be matriarchal and some will be patriarchal. Depending on how the child is doing in its life at the moment, that will decide if he/she will get a mother, father, or both. Families can have up to 5 kids in one family. Everyone in the family lives in the same place together. That's because then they can get a chance to grow up with their parent(s). It is regulated.

The neighborhoods in our community are all the same so nobody is mad about someone having a bigger house than someone else. All people live in small houses that are all 4 1/2 inches away from each other. They are all black with white doors. I chose to put the community like this so that there is no jealousy.
The 5 most important jobs for our community are doctors, builders, farmers, fire/police department, and Prison guard.

1. Doctors: They make people healthy and if somebody isn't make them better again. The type of people chosen for the job are people who qualify to be a doctor or surgeon. People are chosen for the job by showing they can do what doctors need. People are trained for the job by practicing on animals. 2. Builders: The builders make buildings, shops, and anything that needs to be built. The type of people who are chosen to do the job are the people who have shown they can build. People are trained to be builders by building smaller models and showing that they are sturdy enough for people to be inside or around. 3. Farmers: The farmers grow food and raise livestock for foods that don't grow. The type of people who are chosen to do this job are people who have a green thumb and can help keep livestock alive.People are trained for this job by attempting to keep a plant alive and keeping an animal alive. 4. Fire/Police department: The fire/police department keep everyone safe and protected. The type of people who are chosen to do this job are people who are devoted to keeping this place safe. They are trained for this job by going through a series of tests to show they are ready to become the police officer or firefighter. 5. Prison Guards: The prison guard guards the prison and makes sure nobody gets in or out if they aren't supposed to. They train for this job by practicing holding someone in a cell for 3 days and proving they can keep people where they're supposed to be. The type of people chosen for this job are people who can drown other people's voices out and don't break rules.

For our money system, we do the same dollar bills but there is no coins or change. So, instead of having .99 or things like that it is the exact dollar. our money is called money?
we use MOTORCYCLES as transportation for everyone over the age of 16. If you are 13-16 you will ride a bike until you can prove you can ride it well, then you will get your license. there is no mass transit because after you turn a certain age you get a way of TRANSPORTATION from the government.
The climate in our society depends on the weather and season. There is no winter/snow but there is fall. Most of the time its warm and sunny. There are animals in out community. There are dogs,cats, giraffes, turtles, fish, zebras and other harmless animals. There are no lions and tigers or any animal that could hurt you. If you wnat one f the animals as a pet you can have it as one, you are just taking the risk with it and have to take care of it.


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